“Hi, I’m Bryan and I used to work at one of Singapore’s largest commercial gyms some months back. My career felt stagnated and I wasn’t sure of where I was heading. And my income was rather miserable. So I began to search for alternatives. Things changed when I joined Lionel’s programme. It’s been exactly a month since. By applying what I learnt in terms of personal branding, I closed $9,000 in sales in the first month! And I have other clients waiting for me to train them. The results really speak for themselves. I’m really happy and grateful for what Lionel and his programme has taught me. Thank you very much!”

Bryan Chua
Personal Trainer

“I attended Lionel’s programme because I wanted to get a headstart in the fitness industry and I haven’t looked back since. In fact, in my very first month, I was able to close $6,500 in sales and I was able to replicate this result month after month. Having learnt how to work on my branding, I am happy that besides the one-on-one personal training lessons, I am also conducting fitness workshops and bootcamps for adults currently. With this extra source of income, I’m able to travel extensively for holidays. In fact, this is my third trip to Bali this year!”

Mike Song
Fitness Coach

“Glad that I made the decision to attend this fantastic course. Thanks to Lionel Lim who made the session so engaging, fun and lively. I discovered my body shape on how to camouflage my flaws and enhance the asset that I have! I am amazed to find out that my colour is Winter!”

Corinne Lau
Associate Manager
AIA Singapore

“Lionel is a confident speaker who is able to present his thoughts and ideas clearly and fluently. Engaging and entertaining, he is able to hold the audience captive.”

Joseph Ng
Defence Science Technology Authority

“I was able to understand more about sports injuries and how to prevent them. The speaker is very knowledgeable and is able to engage the audience very effectively. Excellent presentation and demonstrations.”

Wong Wei Jun
Air Force Training Command

“I’m always on the lookout to work with industry experts who are able to produce powerful results, and that is something that I found in Lionel. His innate ability to come up with innovative branding strategies makes him a clear winner. I highly recommend business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get more exposure to learn from him.”

Abdul Haadi

“Lionel is friendly and is approachable for queries. He is polite and uses encouragement while facilitating the workshop. His slides are interesting and informative. The content and examples used are up to date and applicable to me.”

Ministry of Education

Lionel’s credentials are excellent and his presentation was also beneficial to all.”

Bryon Koh
Republic of Singapore Air Force

“I feel good to be a student health ambassador as I can tell other people how to be healthy and make a difference in their lives in the same way this workshop has helped me.”

Matthew Chin
Primary 5 Student
Pei Tong Primary School

The students and the staff had enjoyed your session which was informative and engaging. It was good that the presentation was presented and paused with the courses served. It was a good session overall and we thank you for the enjoyable evening.”

Susan Cheong
Executive (Boarding)
NUS High School of Mathematics & Science

Hey Lionel, thanks for a fun & informative session today at MOE. I must learn to live healthy and have a good body like yours!”

Jeremy Ng
Civil Servant
Ministry of Education HQ

“Good job…we learnt this before regarding hospitality but I can’t remember it as well as today. Thank you.”

Sec 4 Student
Sembawang Secondary School

“I learnt how to identify my body and face shapes, colours and other grooming aspects that will make me close to perfect. I’m glad to find a real transformer in Mr Lionel Lim.”

Dior Guo
Mrs Singapore 2011

“Engaging instructor and knowledgeable. Lionel is able to bring across all the key points clearly and makes them easy to remember and absorb. He is also generous in his sharing of experience and ideas. Thanks!”

Law Chin Ho
Senior Management
Singapore Power

“After the two day workshop, I understood myself much better. And I now know how to dress a person according to the body shape, mixing with accessories and the best colours suited. As I’m a fashion entrepreneur, the skills learnt from the workshop will definitely help me grow my business. It is enriching.

Yao Wei
Fashion Entrepreneur

I have engaged Lionel for a private style coaching lesson last week. It was very useful for me as I discovered what worked best on me. Putting into practice on the spot, Lionel helped me clear all the clothes in my wardrobe, especially those with the wrong style, colour and size. I now look forward to filling it with the right clothes.”

Zac Lau

“I learnt many useful skills as it is extremely applicable to real life. Lionel is extremely engaging and interesting and I will highly recommend this to any future peers.”

Dillon Yeo Kai Jung
Final Year Student
Hwa Chong Institution

“Thanks Lionel. My students really like the social etiquette course. Your trainers are experienced and engaging.”

Noridah Moosa
Head of Department (English & Literature)
Nan Hua High School

“The workshop proves to be beneficial in understanding my whole physical attributes. I learnt about what are the “dos” and “don’ts” when dressing up. Besides that, I understand more about my face shape as well as my skin condition. This workshop has shown me that a little effort and understanding of one’s body does help to exude a positive and desirable image.”

Muhammad Fairus Bin Adam
SAFRA The Ultimate Voice 2012 Winner

“I had an awesome time today. The grooming workshop conducted by Mr Lionel was fun. I learnt a lot of new things today like for example my personality style, body shape, colours that suit me and about taking good care of my skin. I would say that Mr Lionel has done a good job in all aspects of making us understand ourselves and taught us ways to look good. Overall, the workshop is worth not only the money but also my time.”

Temasek Polytechnic

“I liked that the trainer got us up and about doing things to retain our attention. He was also very personable, making it easier to enjoy the workshop.”

Jayasri Prush
PSB Academy

“Dealing with customers is not an easy task. I’m happy to learn that NLP is helpful in customer service. I’m glad I attended this session.”

Doreen Ang
CPF Board

The trainer was effective to involve all participants in the activities of this fun and enjoyable communication workshop… through building rapport with and around us. Thanks!”

Daphne Chan
Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)

I love the course, hope to have it again. Now I know more about makeup and the importance of using makeup. And I love the part when I got to do makeup on my friends.”

Ami Shirin
Sec 3 Student
East Spring Secondary School

“I enjoyed the workshop as I have learned essential skills for my future. I really enjoyed the interview part as we got to use what we learnt into use. We could also engage ourselves in the shoes of the interviewer or interviewee. Mr Lim was also very engaging and open – which makes it easier for us to converse with him.

Brian Frialde
Sec 3 Student
Siglap Secondary School

“I enjoyed myself today. I learned a lot of things by attending today’s workshop. Mr Lionel assisted us in distinguishing our personality, shape of our body and what colours complement our skin. He also taught us how we can go about taking care of our skin. I also learned a lot about moisturisers. Mr Lionel did a great job in making us understand ourselves and taught us how we can look good. Thank you!”

Temasek Polytechnic

Lionel was very informative and knowledgeable. Learnt a lot from him.”

Chong Ai Wei
Final Year Student
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Health Sciences (Nursing)

I enjoyed the lesson very much. I am able to determine my suitable colours. The teaching method was very clear. Now I know better what colours are suitable for others as well.”

Noorkamala Sari
Makeup Artist
The School of Makeup

“This programme has really given me new insights on why and how to establish a good online branding presence. Lionel was able to teach and impart practical skills which I could apply it immediately after the class in terms of my website and other social media platforms. I’m happy to share that I get free traffic to my site after implementing his strategies.”

Jayden Lin
Associate Group Director
Propnex Realty

The grooming workshop today has been enjoyable and Lionel made the lessons very fun and interesting. I learnt about my body shape, how to capitalize to dress appropriately, and of course what to avoid. Dressing the right way should also help me to choose colours that are more flattering. Today has been very educational, and the class has been beneficial.”

May Lo
Assistant Human Resource Manager
Far East Management Pte Ltd

“I attended Lionel Lim’s workshop today…1 word AWESOME…I’ve learnt many wonder things in there…I highly recommend FRIENDS to go! Seriously it will really boost up your LIFE!”

Elmo Hong
ITE College Central
“An unassuming presenter with great personality.”
Casey Teo
Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)

“Overall course was superb and excellent. It was one of the best courses from outside instructors I have ever participated.”

Choy Boy
Sec 4 Student
Nan Hua High School

“I now know the different types of body shapes and outfits that will suit me. It feels great that I don’t have to completely overhaul my wardrobe. I also discovered my own personality and how to communicate better with others. Thank you.”

Theerada Sanbasamrithi

“It was a good experience and skill to learn and carry along in lifetime. The workshop was conducted in a comfortable way and I was able to communicate with the lecturer. It was a fun learning. A great job well done to Mr Lionel for conducting this fun lesson.”

Ang Ching Yee
Final Year Student
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Health Sciences (Nursing)

“I enjoyed the role-play segment. I got to try out being the interviewee which was a really useful experience as I was chosen. I learnt how to ace an interview. Mr Lim was very well-prepared and he answered all our questions and covered everything that we wanted to know.”

Sherinn Azman
Sec 3 Student
Siglap Secondary School
“Good tips were shared and I went away with a better understanding of myself – how to look good and feel good. Thank you!”
Ruth Huang
Ministry of Education (MOE)

“Lionel, thanks for the wonderful session you held for us today. It had been a truly inspiring and rejuvenating one. Thank you once again.”

Jonathan Tok
Graduating Student
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Engineering

The course is very interesting and the trainer is very well-informed. It is more than just fine dining, but also general knowledge.”

Bryan Tan Fong Tat
Sec 4 Student
Sembawang Secondary School
“I enjoyed the course and it has helped me understand how to be a better person.”
Lim Jun Wei
Sec 4 Student
Admiralty Secondary School

The workshop definitely helped me identify my style, body shape and even the hue. I’ve always had a dilemma in the mornings, while dressing up for college. Since everything I own is casual, I found it hard to dress during presentation days. Now I have an idea what type, colour and style of formal wear would suit me. Since I would be having a job sooner or later, I’ve found this workshop extremely useful. I have learnt how to look presentable and smart and would surely use the tips which have been shared.”

Renjana Biju Shwetha
Year 2 Student
Singapore Polytechnic, School of Architecture & Built Environment

Thanks for guiding and conducting the enrichment programme for our sports students! They have reflected that they enjoyed the programme.”

Irene Heng
HOD Physical Education
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

This is good. I am geared up for life already. Perfect!”

Jeff Yip Kai Kit
Sec 4 Student
Zhenghua Secondary School

I went through three individual style coaching sessions with Lionel and found him to be a very knowledgeable, patient and reliable coach. He makes each session interesting by incorporating practical hands-on exercises in addition to the theory. This has helped me reinforce the learning. I now know how to apply these concepts in my daily life and also how to help my husband and children look their best. The information he has taught me is so much more comprehensive as compared to another grooming programme which I attended from a well-known local image consultancy in Singapore. Had I met him earlier, I would have saved so much money. But it is still better late than never. I want to continue learning from him. Thank you Lionel.”

Suyati P

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