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Do You Want Style Coaching To Boost Your Professional and Personal Success?

How many times have we looked back in life and ask "if only I had..."?

I don't think you'll have the chance ever again because you have surrendered your dreams to a larger force known as "society's expectations". If this sounds familiar, do not panic. I was once guilty of this too.

When I was a child, I loved to dream. And I often dreamt of building a better tomorrow for my family and the people around me. I wanted to be Superman as he was strong and invincible. But as the years went by, my Superman dream continued to lay buried deep within. I was lost and simply followed the flow. I was often told I was not good enough, not smart enough and never ready for the big break.

It was only when I decided to pack my bags and turn away from the familiar did I experience the richness of life and truly live again.

In short, I chased my dream and decided to live life on my own terms.

And the end result?

I became strong again.

If you have a dream, you should pursue it. Dreams are the most powerful gift that all of us are blessed with.

My dreams took flight when I became a certified style coach with the Style Coaching Institute in 2010. It has since helped me open new horizons and help others become better versions of themselves.

Style Coaching Helps You Accelerate Success In Life

Welcome to Style Coaching - a whole new experience that is all set to take you to the next level. Not only will you rediscover your authentic self, you will also feel liberated the very same way I am now.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. You have this one opportunity to live an extraordinary life that you love. You have this one body, mind and soul. Each moment of life is extremely precious because this exact life will never be repeated.

I'm really excited because style coaching is a unique partnership between me as the coach and you as the client. This partnership is special because it is designed to help you work on the most important issues in your life. It may be your challenges such as body image, wardrobe analysis, personal styling, weight management or confidence handling. More importantly, we also discuss and solve personal issues that may have been plaguing you.

Because my life coaching sessions are done one on one, it allows you to go citius, altius, fortius. Just like the three Latin words from the Olympic motto, life coaching aims to spur you "swifter, higher, stronger" than you can possibly do it alone. For the shy or inhibited ones who do not like attending workshops, style coaching is the logical choice for you as it will be done in the comfort of your home.

Just think about it – no Olympian athlete ever wins the coveted gold medal by training alone. He or she must first seek out a mentor in life who can show the light ahead and guide the way to achieve huge success.

You Will Learn To…

• Look & Feel Your Very Best Everyday

• Be Effortlessly Stylish

• Build A Frustration-Free Wardrobe

• Design Your Life Plan

• Eliminate Obstacles In Your Path

• Improve Your Self-Esteem

• Showcase Your Inner Self-Confidence & Individuality

• Strengthen Your Relationships with Your Loved Ones

When I dream alone, it is but just a dream. When we dream together, it is when we construct a shared reality. And when we work together in the direction of the dream, we create magic unparalleled on Earth.

Lionel Lim, Asia Style Coach (Based in Singapore)

Understanding your issues allows me to enter your world to tackle the inherent challenges. As style coaching sessions are highly personalised and 100% confidential, your issues are never revealed. You can be rest assured that you will walk away feeling stronger, more confident and committed to living life the way you want it to be after each session. This is hardly surprising because my style coaching sessions allows you to focus on who you are becoming while you're doing what you're doing.

By incorporating the essence from diverse fields of study such as fashion, psychology, fitness and business, I am your personal mentor, strongest advocate, listening ear and biggest fan. The best thing is that we maintain the coach-client relationship and I follow you through.

After joining style coaching Singapore courses, look the different, from auntie to beauty

From auntie to beauty

(photos republished with permission)

Raving Reviews From Clients

"I went through three individual style coaching sessions with Lionel and found him to be a very knowledgeable, patient and reliable coach. He makes each session interesting by incorporating practical hands-on exercises in addition to the theory. This has helped me reinforce the learning. I now know how to apply these concepts in my daily life and also how to help my husband and children look their best.

The information he has taught me is so much more comprehensive as compared to another grooming programme which I attended from a well-known local image consultancy in Singapore. Had I met him earlier, I would have saved so much money. But it is still better late than never. I want to continue learning from him. Thank you Lionel."

Suyati P
Homemaker, Indonesia

"Engaging instructor and knowledgeable. Lionel is able to bring across all the key points clearly and makes them easy to remember and absorb. He is also generous in his sharing of experience and ideas. Thanks!"

Law Chin Ho
MD (Finance), Singapore

"I have engaged Lionel for a private style coaching lesson last week. It was very useful for me as I discovered what worked best on me. Putting into practice on the spot, Lionel helped me clear all the clothes in my wardrobe, especially those with the wrong style, colour and size. I now look forward to filling it with the right clothes."

Zac Lau
Engineer, Singapore

"I will practice what you have taught me today in my daily life. Thanks for being a wonderful coach - you have made learning fun and easy for me to understand and apply. Thank you."

Elly Apphia
Property Agent, Singapore

"Thanks very much for sharing so much beneficial information and advice. I really appreciate your guidance and stories sharing. It is very interesting. Thank you!"

Francis Chua
IT Engineer, Singapore

Style Coaching Helps You Go From Good To Great

Personalised Style Coaching Singapore services include the following: Feel free to customise your own too!

Creating Your Life Plan

Reawaken your true self – the one that makes you passionate and happy. We will work on designing your life plan and welcoming the smile back on your face.

Story Telling

Rediscover the power of story telling as you will learn how to convey an event in words, images and sounds so as to help your audience relate better.

Speaking With Confidence

Using my 3-step speaking formula honed to perfection, you will banish the fear of public speaking and address the audience with both heart and confidence.

Stress Management

Learn how to tame the stress dragon within and re-wire your body, mind and soul. Walk lighter, feel lighter and be lighter.

Weight Management

A personalized weight management plan that accommodates your schedule is what you need – one that focuses on both strength and cardio exercises.

Preparing For The First Date

Nothing is scarier than the first date as you want to leave a good impression. I help you prepare both the outfit and the conversation topics.

Personal Shopping

Working within your budget, we will go shopping together to help you pick winning pieces that will up your image quotient.

Wardrobe Decluttering

We will help you declutter your wardrobe and keep only pieces that flatter your body shape, style and colour.

Style Makeover

With a new look from head to toe (think hairstyling, makeup and clothes), you will become the latest style icon in town.

Colour Analysis

Learn how to choose the right colours. Using the proven 3-step colour formula, you will soon be exuding youth, confidence and energy...while saving money.

Nutrition Planning

Overweight? Underweight? No need to count calories. Instead, you will eat healthy and hearty using the right amounts of nutrition.

Confidence Building

Unlock the confident you by doing, being, having the tools, skills and strategies that will give you the quantum leap over others.

Style coaching is specially designed for keen individuals who wish to develop themselves and quicken their pace of success in life. Join thousands of others around the world who have embraced Style Coaching and witnessed its life transforming benefits. It is without a doubt the biggest morale booster for yourself.

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