Start To Build Lean Toned Muscles With Resistance Band Training Today

No dumbbells or barbells? That’s an excuse. Too lazy to hit the gym? That’s another excuse. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have your own weights nor are you a member of a gym. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting pumped, should it?

Contrary to advocates of dumbbells, barbells and machine weights, you can still get a very decent workout from using a resistance band. In fact, a resistance band provides resistance training benefits for many of the same exercises performed with free weights.

Develop Lean, Toned Muscles

Resistance training builds muscle strength and size. While lifting weights is of course the common way to accomplish these goals, the fact is that many people never get into weight training for one or more of these three main reasons – they don’t have the time, they don’t like commuting to and from the gym to home; they don’t want to pay the hefty gym membership fees.

Enter the solution to all these problems – the resistance band. The resistance band is an inexpensive, light and highly versatile way of developing lean, toned muscles. And depending on how imaginative you are, you can indeed have a very challenging workout session with the resistance band. More interestingly, the possibilities of creating new exercises targeting different muscle groups are never-ending once you are familiar with the resistance band. Even if you are travelling, you will never worry about having to miss your workouts as they are luggage-friendly.

Exercise Anytime, Anywhere

In this energising fitness programme, your body will be set free. You will not only learn how to design exercises using your own resistance band, but also sculpt your body to become more beautiful, lean and toned.

Resistance Band Training Workshop for Sports PE Teachers

Resistance Band Training Workshop for Secondary School

Resistance Band Training Workshop for Ladies

Resistance Band Training Programme for Primary School

Resistance Tube Training Programme Singapore

Resistance Band Training Workshop for Seniors

Ladies: You will learn to...

• Develop toned ‘Michelle Obama’ like arms

• Build muscle strength and definition

• Engage in better balance, coordination and conditioning

• Radiate your full ‘sensuality’

Men: You will learn to...

• Sculpt your beach body

• Build muscle strength and definition

• Challenge your muscles in ways you have never experienced

• Enhance your masculinity and develop charisma

Lionel has a unique blend of "practicality with heart". He believes in making things simple and duplicating it so that more people can benefit from it. He will share with you what worked for him during his fitness transformational journey.

His hands-on resistance band workout sessions are designed to teach people to dramatically enhance the quality of their lives by simply working their muscles. Give your chest, back, shoulders, thighs, biceps, triceps, abs and obliques a good workout today. Lionel will pump his muscles with yours. Be ready for a fun session. With a new, beautiful, sexy body, you will attract more love, happiness and money in your life! You will also begin to love your body even more. Start pumping your muscles the resistance way with Lionel!

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