Do You Want To Lose Weight Or Build Muscle With Personal Training?

If you answered yes to the question above, we will be happy to help you achieve your fitness goals.

We are a team of certified personal trainers based in Singapore. From 2009, we have helped thousands of clients get in shape, transform their bodies and in the process, regain their confidence.

Personal Trainers With A Difference

What makes our personal trainers unique is the fact that we all had issues of our own that we grappled with. Some of us were overweight while others were skinny boys.

Through the proper training techniques coupled with right nutrition, we have transformed ourselves from flab to fab OR from skinny to hunky.

And now we make it our mission to help our clients achieve similar results that we have. It can be either to lose weight, build muscle, tone up or pass your IPPT.

Personal Trainers That Deliver Results

It’s all about results. And that’s all we care about. And that’s why we take body measurements and before-after photos. Measurements and photos do not lie.

When you drop a dress size or find your jeans too loose, we celebrate with you.

When you start building lean muscle (without the use of mass gainers), we celebrate with you.

When you progress through our training to finally pass your IPPT or even get a silver award, we celebrate with you.

When you get that dream body you always wanted and get compliments from family and friends, we are happy for you.

Personal Trainers That Bring Training To Your Doorstep

Yes, you heard us correctly. Our personal trainers will travel to your preferred training location – it can be your condo gym, hotel gym or even HDB void deck to train you. You can also choose to work out at the ActiveSG gyms conveniently located around Singapore.

24/7, rain or shine. We will be there. This is our commitment to you.

Best of all, personal training with us is going to be fun as we will change the routines after several weeks to further challenge your bodies to seek further gains.

Personal Trainers Who Offer Affordable Rates

Price is always an issue of contention. If a trainer offers his personal training services cheap, alarm bells should go off in your head because this means he is either starting out fresh or on the brink of retirement.

Personal training is just like any other profession in Singapore. You don’t become a personal trainer overnight. You need to attend classes, get a certification and hone your skills with hours of ground work before you finally qualify. This is because we value our clients and their wellbeing.

Having said this, we don’t offer sky-high rates for our services. Neither do we devalue our services. We charge a fair rate that is acceptable and appreciated by our clients.

Personal Trainers Who Offer Customized Training Programmes

No two programmes are the same. Every client is unique and that is the reason why every client deserves a customized training programme – taking into account current lifestyle, fitness goals, eating habits and level of motivation.

For our trainers who used to be overweight, they now specialize in weight loss programmes because they have walked this route before.

Similarly, for our other trainers who used to be skinny hardgainers, they are now the experts in helping you build lean muscle.

Raving Reviews From Our Clients

"I always started with the same line “I can’t do it”, but Lionel always gave me the confidence which urged me on. He makes you do exercises without really being too hard on your body and also eases when needed to."

Nandini, Singapore

"With trainer Bryan’s guidance, I gained 5kg of lean muscle mass and lost some belly fat – can see some abs now. Training is intensive yet fun as I learnt how to gym properly, increase my endurance and build a more muscular body."

PP, Thailand

"My strength has exploded exponentially. Just imagine when I first started, I could not even bench 15 pounds. But now, into the second month of the 90 day body challenge programme, my warm-up weight for the bench press starts at 35 pounds!"

Aaron, Singapore

"I decided to start training for my IPPT to get fit before NS. I trained alone for two months but never made any progress. On 23rd Oct 2015, I passed my ippt with 22 push ups, 44 sit ups and 2.4km in 12.30 mins which comes to 61/100!"

Aditya, Singapore

"Till date, I have trained slightly over 2 months and I achieved what I previously thought was impossible. I am proud that I have lost weight from 75.5kg to 68kg. My tummy has also reduced from 36 inches to 32 inches."

Ben, Singapore

Lose Weight

Weight loss is a huge industry. But before you ask, let us tell you – there are no shakes to drink and no pills to pop. This is natural weight loss that is sustainable, easy and fun. You will start loving your slender curves in no time.

Build Muscle

Do not believe that your skinny genes are in the way of you building muscle. This is simply not true. Let us help you unlock your full potential and build lean muscle that will have you taking off your clothes in no time.

IPPT Training

Do not be disappointed if you keep failing your IPPT or worry about pre-NS enlistment. We have had a proven track record of helping boys ace their chin-ups, 2.4km, situps and everything else. It all comes down to training with the right techniques.

Give yourself the gift you deserve today. There is no better gift than the gift of fitness. That is without any doubt the biggest morale booster for yourself. With an improved image, you will be more confident, close more sales, score more dates and attract more success in life. And you don’t have to worry about escalating medical costs ever again.

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