Do You Want A Powerful Personal Brand To Dominate Your Industry?

In today’s competitive society, branding isn’t optional. This is your reputation, of how others perceive you.

When you learn how to brand yourself, your value immediately skyrockets and people see you differently.

Communicating your brand effectively helps you build closer relationships, ensure corporate success and achieve professional satisfaction.

As the saying goes, “products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

Harness The Power of Personal Branding

This is Lionel’s signature two-day programme designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, working professionals and executives.

Upon completion, participants will be able to understand the importance of personal branding. By using the proven strategies that Lionel shares, they will learn to create one that resonates with their audience, grow it and manage it well. More importantly, they will be able to catapult their personal brand to new heights and feel empowered with a results-oriented plug-and-play turnkey system.


You Will Learn To...

• Generate More Interest In Your Business And Personal Brand

• Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors So That Your Brand Becomes The De Facto Market Leader Both Online And Offline

• Discover The Elements Of Your Authentic Personal Brand So That Everything You Do Sends The Right Signals To Both Clients And Prospects

• Attract More Public Attention And Raise Your Profile With Free Media Publicity, Interviews And Invitations To Red Carpet Events

• Adopt The Right Strategies When It Comes To Branding yourself Online Via The Various Social Media Platforms

If you’re tired of having to work so hard to stand out, attract the right attention and get clients, then this programme is definitely for you. Period.

Strangely, the process of personal branding has always been portrayed as mysterious, arduous and requiring deep pockets. It’s something which only big corporations could engage in. But what if I tell you I can demystify all this and get you to where you rightfully deserve to be?

My track record speaks for itself. By leveraging on the power of branding, I have transformed my life completely. And now I would like to give you the same gift I have learnt – a gift that will save you time and effort having to market yourself, a gift that will increase your sales and profit; a gift that will make others know, like and trust you for life.

Personal Branding and LinkedIn Workshop for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) - 12th Run

Personal Branding Masterclass for Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Leadership Branding for Prudential Insurance Singapore

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

Personal Branding for Fitness Trainers

Guest Speaker For Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES)

Personal Branding Workshop for Singapore Management University (SMU) Alumni

Personal Branding Workshop for Singapore Polytechnic Students

"This programme has really given me new insights on why and how to establish a good online branding presence.

Lionel was able to teach and impart practical skills which I could apply it immediately after the class in terms of my website and other social media platforms. I'm happy to share that I get free traffic to my site after implementing his strategies."

Jayden Lin
Associate Group Director, Propnex Realty

"I’m always on the lookout to work with industry experts who are able to produce powerful results, and that is something that I found in Lionel. His innate ability to come up with innovative branding strategies makes him a clear winner. I highly recommend business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get more exposure to learn from him."

Abdul Haadi

"Hi Mr Lionel,

I'm Marcus, one of the NTU students who attended your workshop on Friday. Thank you for giving such an inspiring and useful workshop, from which I picked up many tips and skills. Thank you!"

Marcus Foo
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Undergraduate

Get Branded For Success Today

Finding The Sweet Success Spot

We will help you discover your passion, proficiency and profitability spheres of life.

Creating Your Brand Persona

We will work on your brand image, decide on your unique positioning and craft your message.

Engaging The Media

We will teach you how to engage the media correctly so as to get featured on TV, newspaper or radio.

Using Social Media Strategies

We will show you how to leverage on the right social media platforms to let others take note of your brand presence.

Building Your Website

We will show you how to build your website and also how to optimize it properly to get free traffic leads.

Becoming An Industry Expert

We will show you how to become an industry expert and get paid doing speaking engagements.

This is a practical hands-on workshop where you work on your brand, engage in hot seat discussions with other like-minded participants, bring your ideas to fruition and leave class with a completed website and other social media platforms, ready for the challenges of tomorrow. If you’re tired of having to work so hard to stand out, attract the right attention and get clients, then this programme is definitely for you. No BS, no fluff. Just the real stuff that works. This is a proven system that shows you how to succeed. And more importantly, how to do it consistently. You owe it to yourself to be branded for success.

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