Do You Know A Solid Keynote Speaker's Speech Presentation Adds Buzz To Your Event?

Lionel tells stories. He tells stories to different groups of people - both big and small. His stories challenge you to leave with ideas which you can implement almost immediately. His stories also inspire you to be enthusiastic about the exciting times ahead. This is what you should be looking for in a keynote speaker.

A person with entertaining anecdotes, solid information and plenty of heart, Lionel is the speaker who will add buzz to your event. His professional track record of having spoken at more than 250 multi-national corporations, local businesses, government organisations and educational institutions including Standard Chartered Bank, Singtel, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Manulife Singapore, National University of Singapore; ranging from keynote speeches to workshops and seminars is the reason why his reputation precedes him. It is also not surprising that he has been invited back for encore presentations.

Every presentation is customized for you after personal discussions with your team. Lionel will then come up with a keynote presentation speech that is relevant, focused yet entertaining at the same time. His keynotes have been combined with company retreats, career fairs, learning fiesta days, full-day workshops and networking activities.

A Memorable Keynote Speech Will Wow Your Audience

A keynote speaker who shares from experience and speaks with conviction, here are the three of Lionel's favourite topics:

Personal Branding

Learn how to build your powerful personal brand so that you dominate your industry and open doors to more business opportunities and success in life.

Image & Grooming

Impress at first sight. Understand how the clothes you wear will change the opinions of others around you. When you dress well, people treat you more seriously.

Health & Fitness

Busy is just an overused excuse. Instead, let me show you how you can incorporate simple yet effective exercise and nutrition tips into your everyday lives.

Besides specialising in them, he has also personally witnessed his transformation from being just another face in the crowd to being the face the crowd faces.

Lionel knows the secret to making an impactful keynote speech is to craft one that is memorable. That is why his message is always understood by the audience. He builds great rapport with this audience, employing a rich variety of techniques, including humour at appropriate moments.

Keynote Speaker for Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium

Keynote Speaker for Stanchart Young Apprentice Programme

Keynote Speaker for NUS Career Fair 2014

Keynote Speaker for Singtel Mid-Year Corporate Retreat

Keynote Speaker for Career & Education 2013

Keynote Speaker for Air Force Training Command Safety Day

"Hi Lionel, I would like to congratulate you on the successful talk. I think you are a very engaging speaker, highly adaptable to the crowd response, with a good sense of humour."

Tan Libing
Manulife Singapore

"Lionel’s credentials are excellent and his presentation was also beneficial to all."

Bryon Koh
Republic of Singapore Air Force

"An unassuming presenter with great personality."

Casey Teo
Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)

Invite Lionel to be your keynote speaker and watch him inspire, inform and entertain with his spellbinding ways. He will change the world by changing the audience right in front of him. Warm and confident, he will help ensure your event's success!

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