Do You Know Healthier People Make Happier People?

Let’s face it. Most people work between 8 to 10 hours a day, sometimes even more. Our Number 1 complaint is that we hardly have time for ourselves, let alone lead a balanced lifestyle.

It is an undeniable fact that our modern work environments encourage sedentary habits. Many of us spend almost all of our working hours in our cubicles staring at a little box called a computer or laptop. Our hobbies after work too tend to revolve around mobile devices, computers and television.

Does surfing the net; socialising on Facebook and Whatsapp; or binge-watching the latest drama serials on YouTube and Netflix sound all too familiar? This is the sad truth. If left unchecked, our current lifestyle will only make our lives miserable.

With poor eating habits and the neglect of exercise, it is no wonder many feel burnt out faster than they can imagine. Yet everyone wants to look good. But looking good is more than just the dress, talk and walk. It really comes from within. Besides looking good on the outside, our internal systems must also be in optimal condition. When our bodies are in peak state, so will our outward appearance improve.

A Quality Lifestyle Leads To Quality Performance

Join us for this insightful workshop to learn how to balance work and play to lead a quality lifestyle. In his usual engaging style, this fun-filled talk by certified master personal trainer and sports nutritionist Lionel Lim will dispel the myth that it is difficult to achieve balance in life.

The lifestyle we lead is our greatest ally or worst enemy. What most people don’t realise is that we can choose. The choice is in our hands! If we don’t deserve to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life, who does?

Imagine leading a life that offers you the perfect balance between work and play. Imagine looking younger and more energetic. Imagine learning how to love your food again.

In this awe-inspiring corporate wellness talk (which includes food and nutrition, or health and wellness programme), you will feel empowered and walk away with practical tips which you can put into immediate use to turn your lives around.

You Will Learn To…

• Understand The Current State Of Your Health

• Embark On A Weight Management Programme

• Design Your Own Food And Nutrition Mealplan

• Say Goodbye To Back Pain

• Create Time For Yourself

• Keep Fit With Bodyweight Exercises

• Take The First Step To Realising Your Dream Body

• Feel Good & Look Good

• Attract More Success, Love & Happiness In Your Life

Health Talk for Ministry of Education HQ

Corporate Wellness Talk for NETS Singapore

Food & Nutrition Workshop for MINDEF Learning Fiesta

Student Health Workshop Singapore for Pei Tong Primary

Health Talk for Edgefield Secondary School for Sec 1 Students

Health & Fitness Talk for NUS Staff

Jurong Junior College Health & Fitness Workshop for JC1 Girls

13 Week Elective Sports Module for Ping Yi Secondary School Sec 3 Students

Corporate Wellness Programme for Jebsen & Jessen

“Hey Lionel, thanks for a fun & informative session today at MOE. I must learn to live healthy and have a good body like yours!”

Jeremy Ng
Civil Servant
Ministry of Education HQ

“I now have a better understanding of back pain – the causes, remedy (in terms of exercise and food) and prevention. The speaker has provided me with great insights on the topic on eliminating back pain.”

Liew Jia Xiang
Republic of Singapore Air Force

“I feel good to be a student health ambassador as I can tell other people how to be healthy and make a difference in their lives in the same way this workshop has helped me.”

Matthew Chin
Primary 5 Student
Pei Tong Primary School

Kickstart Your Corporate Wellness And Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Programme Today

Customise your own corporate wellness, nutrition or fitness workshop today by selecting some or all of the modules below. You will be amazed by the amount of fun you will be having in class while learning the real things that matter in life.

Knowing Your Current Lifestyle
Be your own doctor by finding out the true state of your health. Forget about BMI. We have a more accurate indicator.
Relooking At Food And Nutrition
Honestly, there’s no need to count calories. Instead, let’s use the food plate to guide us to eat healthy and be nutrition happy.
Moving Healthy
Understand why a good exercise plan needs to take into account both strength and cardiovascular activities.
Achieving Your Fitness Goals
Set your SMART goals so as to track and achieve your fitness objectives effectively. Remember, anything that can be tracked can be achieved!
Learning Stretching Exercises
Stop whining and start stretching. Learn some of the best stretch exercises that will get you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Doing Bodyweight Exercises
Learn simple yet effective bodyweight exercises targeting specific body parts that you can do anytime, anywhere to get in shape.
Lionel brings with him his own personal experience battling weight and self-esteem problems and turns each lesson learnt along his transformational journey into a beacon of hope for his seminar audience. A certified master trainer, sports nutritionist and image consultant, his life story has also become the inspiration for the thousands he has trained.

It's not just another run-of-the-mill talk that focuses on health issues or problems. Instead, Lionel chooses to share what works and why it's never too late to lead a healthy lifestyle. More than just talk, Lionel walks the talk with you by getting you to participate in specially chosen simple, yet effective bodyweight exercises to get you pumped up.

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