Do You Want To Succeed As The Next Highly Paid Superstar Fitness Trainer In Singapore?

Anthony Robbins once said "if you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do, and you'll achieve the same results."

I couldn't agree more.

In a results-oriented society, our results speak for themselves. No fluff, just the real deal itself!

Why waste precious time experimenting on your own? My team and I have been there, done that. And we are more than happy to teach you!

Fitness Training Is An Exciting Profession

Being a fitness trainer or personal trainer is one of the most exciting professions in the world as you are able to share your knowledge with others and add value to their lives. It is also without doubt, one of the most lucrative financially.

But let’s face it. Most fitness trainers quit the scene after a while. They lose their zest, momentum and energy. They find it hard to survive as competition is stiff and sales figures discouraging.

Imagine having a programme that is designed to teach you how to build a business that is exciting, dynamic and sustainable. Imagine learning the secrets on how to sell yourself to others successfully.

Widely regarded as the mentor behind many successful names in the fitness industry, I am ready to reveal all the industry secrets to you in this one-of-its-kind programme in the world.


Featured On International Media

It's exciting to know this very programme which you are reading about - the Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme was featured in the international media in 2016.

CBS News, Fox News, ABC News and NBC News from USA featured this programme prominently on their online portals.

Here's a cross-section of the news article that was published by NBC News.


This Is A Proven Results-Based Industry First Programme

All of my graduates have more than recouped their return on investment in this programme. This is something I’m very proud of.

In fact, 94% of them had little or no experience when they joined. All they took was a leap of faith. And it certainly paid off. 86% of them even doubled their income in the first three months.

Very often, I know you have the potential to succeed. But you just lack the platform. The Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme was designed specifically to address this challenge. Through the opportunities presented in the programme, various platforms are made available to graduates.

The programme itself is powerful…what more if you are able to take advantage of the various platforms offered? Both your personal growth and financial income will skyrocket, just like Bryan and the rest of the graduates. I haven’t had a single failure yet since this programme was started in 2009.

All students will be granted full access to the fitness trainer coaching membership site. There will also be live face-to-face interactions and coaching calls.

You Will Learn To...

• Create Your Own Unique Branding Both Online & Offline

• Attract Hot Leads Who Are Eager For Your Services

• Become A Master At The Art Of Listening

• Make Your Prospect Feel Obligated To Sign Up

• Design Powerful Fitness Programmes That Work Always

• Work Shorter Hours And Yet Earn More

• Build Loyalty Amongst Your Clients

Success Stories Of The Graduates

Bryan Chua

Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme Graduate #86

“Hi, I’m Bryan and I used to work at one of Singapore’s largest commercial gyms some months back. My career felt stagnated and I wasn’t sure of where I was heading. And my income was rather miserable. So I began to search for alternatives.

Things changed when I joined Lionel’s fitness trainer coaching programme in Sep 2015. It’s been exactly a month since. By applying what I learnt, I closed $9000 in sales in the first month! And I have other clients waiting for me to train them. The results really speak for themselves.

I’m really happy and grateful for what Lionel and his programme has taught me. Thank you very much!”

Rayen Tan

Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme Graduate #72

“Through the Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme, I have learnt to become a better trainer. And in the last 3 months, I actually closed $8000 worth of sales and I believe this is definitely an investment worth going for because the skills I have learnt are for life.”

Wee Kian

Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme Graduate #52

“I attended the Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme in Aug 2013. And it made me realize that being a personal trainer isn’t just about having the knowledge to work out. This programme has equipped me with the necessary soft skills such as understanding the psyche of clients, the appropriate way of presenting myself, ways to handle queries from clients and many more! These are lifelong skills which are beneficial to me in all aspects of my life.

By applying what I have learnt, I’m grateful and also happy to share that barely two weeks later on 8 Sep 2013, I closed my first client a 30 session package! It was like wow…!”

Vick Chandra

Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme Graduate #36

"I feel that the Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme conducted by Lionel is deeply intuitive. Not only does he portray experience and research in his workout plans and exercises, his knowledge in 'sales' and the soft skills that are needed to become a great personal trainer are extremely valuable. His preparations, coupled with the experience gained from conducting courses and classes has made Lionel an excellent teacher in his own right. I would like to thank Lionel for teaching me the skills and pointers in this course that I know will not only help me in the personal training field but also in life as well."

Ben Lim

Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme Graduate #19

Having gone through the Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme, I am now more confident and know how to train myself, not to mention training my clients. The programme has taught me that effective results can only be achieved via careful planning. This includes having a structured system comprising proper gym workout techniques, cardiovascular exercises and a sensible nutrition plan.

In addition, I’ve also learnt other life skills such as anchoring, handling failures and the importance of getting everyone in the team to adhere to a set of core beliefs. These have helped me engage my prospects better and successfully convert them from leads into clients. There is no doubt the skills imparted and experience shared during the programme has cleared any lingering doubts left in me. From a trainer wannabe to being a full-fledged personal trainer now, I have witnessed my own transformation from one of hesitance to that of confidence. I lead a more well-balanced lifestyle and too have learnt to be a walking testimony to the effectiveness of my training methods, in the same vein like my mentor Lionel has taught me. Kudos!”

Change Your Life Beyond All Imagination

The Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme will change your life personally, professionally and financially. It is one thing to be inspired by the transformations of others but a totally different thing to be awed by your own real life transformations.

Don’t even think of missing the information revealed in this programme. Besides coming with an internationally accredited personal trainer certification, you may also be invited to join Lionel’s team upon completion.

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