Do You Want To Learn Effective Communication and Presentation Skills?

Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Barack Obama, Mahatma Ghandi and our very own Lee Kuan Yew, what do they have in common? They are all great speakers who have ever existed. When we hear a speech by any one of these great speakers, we feel motivated, energised and hang onto every word they say.

Great orators never happen by chance. They practice their craft with heartfelt dedication until they become masters at it. And if you were to study the memoirs of any of these great speakers, you will know each has a unique story to share. Besides having achieved great things in life, they also have special techniques which they use to their advantage.

In an increasingly interconnected world, we can never live in a vacuum. Like it or not, we are always surrounded by people – members of public, strangers, colleagues, family and friends. Some of us who are in the service or sales industry even need to engage leads and clients on a daily basis.

Therefore, how we present ourselves in the eyes of others very often means whether we get the deal done or otherwise. We have no one else to turn to except ourselves to promote our own brand.

“You’ll never get another chance to make a first impression” is a cliched expression but it is very true, and especially so when you are in front of an audience. These are those times when you get only one chance to shine, to promote your brand and impact others.

Just think about it – if you have to speak and yet dare not speak, you will have missed that golden opportunity!

Your image is the impression you project to the world. You alone are responsible for your brand. No one else is.

Effective Communication & Presentation Skills Can Be Learnt

Interestingly, effective communication and presentation skills can be learnt. And once mastered, you can use these skills anytime, anywhere and across all industries.

Indeed, speaking and presenting confidently are valuable softskills in the new world economy.

We seek buy-in all the time. So why not learn to be an effective communicator and presenter?

While some may argue that a ‘presentation’ refers strictly to one speaking in front of an audience, this is not always necessarily so. In our modern day context, a presentation simply refers to any occasion when we have to engage or speak to our colleague, friend, member of public or stranger.

Pause for a second and reflect – in every moment in our lives, we are either persuading, convincing or influencing others to our point of view. If we are not persuading, convincing or influencing others to buy our products or services, then we are being persuaded, convinced or influenced to accept someone else’s viewpoint. So like it or not, we are “presenting” all the time.

As an ex-HR manager who chaired interview panels and now a highly sought-after communication and presentation skills trainer based in Singapore, Lionel Lim enjoys speaking and sharing his experience at workshops, talks and gigs.

Become A Master At Communication

Contrary to much surprise, speaking does not come naturally to Lionel. In fact, he was labelled a late bloomer as he only began speaking at the age of 3.5 years old. Add to the fact that he was so shy when he was a teenager did not help matters.

But he challenged himself as he knew the importance of becoming a master at communication.

Fast forward to today and speaking now becomes almost second nature to Lionel. You too can become a communication expert, if you give yourself the opportunity to present with impact.

You Will Learn To…

• Speak With Confidence & Poise Anytime, Anywhere
• Present With Impact To Persuade & Influence
• Engage Both Left & Right Brains Of Your Audience
• Become A Great Orator In Your Own Rights
• Close More Sales With The Right Choice of Words And Their Nuances
• Boost Your Own Personal Brand
• Turn One Speaking Opportunity Into Multiple Speaking Opportunities

Communication Workshop for MINDEF

Speaking With Confidence Lunchtime Talk for Zurich Insurance

Career Fair Guest Speaker – The Art of Communication

Career & Education Fair Guest Speaker – The Art of Communication

Communication Workshop for Pioneer Junior College Ambassadors

Communication Workshop for Herbalife

The Art of Conversation Talk for Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Mixed Schools)

Conversation Chemistry Talk for Aviva

Communicating With Impact Workshop for MINDEF

Impactful Presentation Workshop for Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Engineering

“The trainer was effective to involve all participants in the activities of this fun and enjoyable communication workshop… through building rapport with and around us.”

Daphne Chen
Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)

“Lionel is a confident speaker who is able to present his thoughts and ideas clearly and fluently. Engaging and entertaining, he is able to hold the audience captive.”

Jonathan Ng
Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA)

“I liked that the trainer got us up and about doing things to retain our attention. He was also very personable, making it easier to enjoy the workshop.”

Jayasri Prush
PSB Academy

Communicate And Present With Impact

In this fun-filled, hands-on workshop, you will learn how to speak to impress. For those of you who are shy and have stage-fright, you will banish your fears away by utilising Lionel’s methods of effective presentation skills training. For those of you who are already confident, this workshop will sky-rocket your confidence to the next level as you will learn techniques that the great orators have used to move mountains and stir hearts.

Often the highlight of the workshop, participants get stage-time to speak on a prepared topic. Weaving together everything you have learnt, this is your graduation showcase to the class.

Understanding Communication Dynamics
The great news is that communication and presentation skills can be learnt! Once you understand the basics of communication, you will be able to build upon the foundations.
Learn how to use your stories when you present. Stories remain one of the most powerful tools that you will learn to connect emotionally with the audience.
Utilising The Power Of Three
There is something magical about the number 3. You will use my 3-step power template to craft memorable bite-size messages.
Structuring Your Presentation
Your content may be the best. But if there is no structure to your presentation, you will lose your audience. Structure is what guides your presentation from start to finish. Learn how you can follow my foolproof structure template.
Building Rapport With Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques
Learn how you can build better rapport by reading people using NLP techniques. Understand the representational systems of your audience and mirror them and watch your likeability sky-rocket.
Mastering Influence Through Your Voice & Body Language
Understand how you can utilize both verbal and non-verbal communication aspects to command the attention of the room. One cannot do without the other so when combined, you know you will be in command.
Using Visual Aids Effectively
Create stunning visual aids using the minimalist principle. Sometimes, less is more. After all, do remember you are the still the star of the presentation. People are here to hear you speak and not read your slides.
Dressing For Presentation Success
Dress for success every time you have to communicate your message to an audience. Presenting on your feet is also about getting your attire right, right down to the little details. You want to impress at both sound and sight.
Handling Objections
You must remember just because you are presenting doesn’t mean everyone agrees with you. Learn how you can handle objections skillfully and still look like a pro. At the end of the day, your audience must still love you.
Give yourself the gift you deserve today. Be well groomed each time you face the world. It is without a doubt the biggest morale booster for yourself. With an improved image, you will be more confident, close more sales, score more dates and attract more success in life.

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