Women’s Threshold

Having trained a considerable number of both male and female clients, I must concede defeat on behalf of the male species. Women have a much greater threshold for acceptance and pain than men. This is an amazing discovery which I have discovered. Both species may be doing exactly the same exercise. But when it comes to the most crucial final few reps (yes the ones that push your muscle fibers beyond the point of comfort so as to tear them down to make them stronger), the men will just give up or on some instances, even ask for a rep discount. Over at the lady’s camp, yes the going may be equally tough. She may huff and puff and even grunt. But she still gets the job done and completes the required number of reps.

I don’t know if women were born with such innate capabilities but watching my female clients push themselves beyond their comfort zone each and every time simply blows my mind away. I feel blessed to be surrounded by these female warriors who have taught me a valuable lesson in life.