Upcoming Talks On Grooming And Etiquette

I received an email from one of my industry friends today asking if I could do 3 grooming & etiquette talks in Nov 09 for a primary school.

I’ve done talks for adults, teenagers and secondary school students. But as for primary school students, this is going to be my first time.

It should not be too much to worry about as I’ll just treat it as a challenge and customise the information to their level. As good trainers, we always tailor our presentation to cater to our specific audience.  That’s the importance of being client-specific. The same goes for this case. 

Having been a relief teacher for a short while at two primary schools before, I fully understand the limited attention span and hyperactiveness of children at that level. So, it’s not so much the density of the content that matters, but rather how to package the content to make it interesting and arrest their attention. Lots of examples, hands-on, colours and fun activities would definitely be in the works.

Alright, I’ll get down to work after my Malaysia trip. Yeah!