Train The Trainer Mentorship Programme

Understanding how difficult it is to walk the fitness journey alone especially as all are just starting out, I’ve decided to value add further to the 4 guys who are in my Train The Trainer Certification Programme. 

But first before I informed them of the good news, I told them the ‘not so good’ news first. Hahaha…

I swear I saw some eyeballs grow bigger when I announced during class that they were already on the 90-Day Body Challenge. Let me explain what this means. 

As budding fitness enthusiasts, you must first convince yourself that you are fully satisfied with the services yourself before you can convince your prospects. More importantly, you must go through the baptism of fire personally to experience it first-hand. Only then can you share your experience with your prospects.

After explaining the rationale to them, all agreed. 

Then, I sweetened it by telling them that I will offer them a free mentorship programme during the 90 days. Each mentor (myself & Dex, my business partner) will take 2 mentees each. 

I wish someone offered me this when I first started on my long and arduous fitness journey from stick-thin to lean toned me today. If there was, I would not have walked the long winding road and wasted precious time & money.

Looking forward to being a good mentor. Watch this space 🙂