Tip #3 To Beat The Heat: Never Leave Home Without Sunscreen

Here’s the 3rd tip to beat the heat. It may come across as common sense but I know a lot of people still don’t practise it.

Never Leave Home Without Sunscreen 

We’ve read all about the depletion of the ozone layers and how the harmful rays of the sun are resulting in a spike in the number of skin cancer cases. Yet we don’t look after ourselves, especially our skin well enough. Take heed my friends as that big whole in the sky can really do serious damage to your skin if left unchecked.

Yes, I’m talking about never leaving home without applying sunscreen on your face. Your face is the most exposed part of your body. While a little sun is good as it gives us the necessary Vitamin D, over-exposure to it could damage our eyes, immune system and eventually lead to skin cancer.

To prevent this, I advise everyone to apply a sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor) 20 to 25 before leaving the house. It will help block both UVA and UVB rays, and help diminish the effects on your skin. Help fight against or retard the occurrence of pigmentation problems and ageing. 

Here’s some good news for everyone – most moisturisers in the market do come with SPF ingredients already built in so you may wish to get them. This certainly beats helping to apply another additional layer on the face.