Tip #2 To Beat The Heat: Avoid Wearing Black

Here’s tip #2 on how to beat the heat.

Avoid Wearing Black

Black is a beautiful colour. It not only projects an air of mystery, it also makes one more alluring. And for those of us on the slightly plump side, it is the perfect colour to make us look slimmer as black gives a flattering illusion. Yet having said all this, you should avoid wearing black in this heat. 

Why do I say so?

Dark colours like black absorb light instead of reflecting it. And since light is energy, absorbing light makes something hotter. Wearing black thus makes the wearer feel hot, hot, hot! Your wouldn’t want to feel any hotter than it already is.

Instead of black and other darker colours, choose light colours or even pastels as they reflect light. It will give you an instant cooling effect.