Tip #1 To Beat The Heat: Drink More Water

The weather these days is starting to get unbearably hot. Welcome the summer heat!
Since we only have two seasons in Singapore – summer & rain, I’ve decided to come up with some tips to help readers beat the heat. Here’s the first tip. Stay tuned for more…

Drink More Water
Remember we used to be reminded from time to time for all of us to drink at least 8 glasses of water (or 2 litres) per day? This timeless reminder cannot be more timely than this, especially when we are experiencing warm temperatures and high humidity. 
Hydrate yourselves constantly throughout the day so you will feel at your energetic best! More importantly, your skin and lymphatic systems will thank you for it.
Drinking enough water is important for good health. After all, 70% of our bodies is estimated to be made up of water. Our bodies need water to regulate the body temperature and provide the means for nutrients to travel to all the organs. 
Under the scorching heat, our bodies lose water faster as we perspire more. Thus we need to hydrate constantly (and even more now) to maintain the equilibrium and prevent dehydration.
Here’s water for life!