The Visual Vocal And Verbal Art of Looking Good Grooming Workshop – 2nd Parter

The Visual Vocal And Verbal Art of Looking Good Grooming Workshop – 2nd Parter

It’s the 2nd parter to my grooming workshop “The Visual, Vocal and Verbal Art of Looking Good”. From the visual components, we will be moving onto the vocal and verbal components of looking good.

Drawing from a wide array of fields such as NLP, dating, oral communication to singing and mind mastery, the participants were treated to a delightful blend of the best in each field. Personally, I enjoy taking concepts from different areas, blend them together and come up with my own unique fusion inspired materials. Many a times, it is not the concept that is important. Rather, it is how we utilise the concept in the art of looking good that truly matters.

Who’s mirroring who? Hmm…

Even without the cloth fabrics, the participants had fun albeit of a different type. The art of looking good certainly goes beyond the looks and the dress.

Thereafter, given the opportunity of a life-time, the participants turned charismatic orators in what is probably going to be the experience of their life. Forget about the butterflies in your stomach. Just be confident and let your voice captivate the audience 🙂

Like what I tell my participants, it’s perfectly alright to make mistakes and learn from them. If nobody makes mistakes, then this world be a more miserable place to live in. In a classroom environment, you are free to make mistakes because only through mistakes do we accumulate learning experiences.

The highlight of today’s workshop must have been the vocal warm-up exercises that I imparted to the participants. Aahh…and you thought only singers need to warm up their vocals. Not true at all. Practise makes perfect.

The art of looking good is about self discovery – who you are deep down inside, who you want to be at the end of the day and how I can help you achieve your aspirations. Those of you familiar with my story will know that I used to be an ugly duckling as well, with my acne problems, inferiority complex, sickly body constitution and reed thin exterior. But that was all in the past. I’ve turned my life around completely.

The visual, vocal & verbal art of looking good grooming workshop

If you are keen to sign up for the next run of the 2 day programme, pls contact me & I’ll fill you in with more details.