The Visual Vocal And Verbal Art of Looking Good Grooming Workshop – 1st Parter

The Visual Vocal And Verbal Art of Looking Good Grooming Workshop – 1st Parter

Read the title and it’s certainly a mouthful – “The Visual, Vocal and Verbal Art of Looking Good”. But it’s not really. The title is a good giveaway on what are the areas I’ll be covering. Yes, I’m talking about my full-length 2 day grooming workshop which starts today. The 2nd parter is next Sun (28 March 2010anybody still interested? Contact me pls….)

Today, I covered how to impress visually. Going beyond just facial and body shapes, I brought out my secret weapon – cloth in different shades of colour for the colour analysis. The participants loved it as it was fun and no doubt the highlight of today’s session.

Posing with the colourful drapes

Draping the different coloured fabric around the participants for them to get a hands-on experience on the importance of wearing the right colour, I explained concepts like warmness and coolness, and the distinct characteristics of each season. In all honesty, when I first did my own seasonal analysis in 2006, I too remembered getting very excited as it opened a whole universe for me. And today, I’m sharing this same universe with my participants. It is interesting to note that for novices, through trial and error (and through the wrong colours), we eventually get the right colours. It’s really a matter of patience. But whether it was the right colour initially or finally, I only sensed the ‘fun’ word in the air.

Clear red looks exceptionally good on this gentleman as he’s a Spring

After having determined the season for each participant, I proceeded to help them explore the workings of both the male and female wardrobe. It’s often been said that clothes make the man (and woman I should add). With their newly acquired knowledge of what constitutes essentials and accessories, I covered an extra portion on scarfonomics. Scarfonomics simply refers to the art and science of scarves. Don’t belittle scarves, they are perhaps the most useful accessory in both the female and male wardrobe!

Just a quick tip for all readers – men can carry off the rectangular fashion of the scarf very well. Check this out. He’s a living model.

Helping to complete the rectangular fashion look of the scarf

I know my strength lies in simplifying difficult concepts for the participants. Nobody remembers difficult procedures or concepts. But everyone appreciates it in byte sized parts – hence my ‘1, 2, 3 step’ recipes for them.

Always wanting to add maximum value to everyone, I threw in a portion of skincare as well. After all, knowing how to impress is more than just the dress. It’s also about learning how to maintain good skin. Often complimented for my good skin (yes, besides the genes, I take good care of my skin as well) and looking much younger than my real age, I dished out my personal skincare tips to the participants to help them look their best too!

Rounding up today’s full day session, I emphasised the dual concepts of personal space and posture. Now it was fun time again as the participants had to practise (or should I say demonstrate) how they stood, sat, squatted and shook hands.

Don’t shake hands with too much vigour less you crush my bones…neither do you shake with insincerity

Checking her standing posture…and her feet placement

I can’t wait to share on the vocal & verbal parts on looking good next Sunday. Watch this space…and in the meantime, remember you can further your education in the art of looking good continues with Lionel Lim. Buzz me to find out how 🙂