The Deep V Neck Men Heavage Trend

The Deep V Neck Men Heavage Trend

Ok, we all know what a cleavage is…but what about a heavage? A what you may ask again…

Simply put – a heavage refers to a man’s cleavage. Like it or hate it, it has certainly taken the fashion world by storm in recent years and it is interesting to note that the creative brains behind fashion stores such as Topman, Zara, and River Island have been updating their clothes line with T-shirts, pull-overs and even cardigans with the plunging necklines. Simply walk into any of these stores and you will be treated  to an eye-popping array of such items available in different colours. And the common thread that runs through them all? The plunging necklines slit open to reveal the well-built chest and superior pectoral muscles.

One of the best icons of this look is probably John Travolta’s plunging neckline in ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Back then, the trend was to leave certain buttons undone so as to expose the chest hair. Fast forward  to today and we are witnessing the rise of the male cleavage in men’s fashion. If Jon Bon Jovi, Ed Westwick and Jude Law are leading the pack in exposing their chest, why not you?

This is not surprising as through the years, many on both sides of the gender divide have long associated the size of the pectoral muscles with the masculinity of the person. And that’s the main reason why most guys tend to want to focus on building a bigger chest in their workout routines. At least, it’s one of the most common reasons that male clients share with me.

However, before you run off to buy a plunging, deep V neck shirt to show off your heavage (just because it is in trend), I would like to ask you to consider 3 questions.


Question 1: Do You Have Big Chest Muscles?

If you are skinny, forget it. In typical speak, you need to have ‘the goods’ in order to wear and carry it off. Imagine if your chest is flat, there is really nothing much to see. In fact, you will become the laughing stock.

My advice? Build bigger chest muscles first before investing in one of those plunging deep V neck T-shirts.


Question 2: On What Occasions Will You Wear It and Show Your Heavage?

As a seasoned ex-HR manager, I am very sure most organisations do not allow their employees to expose their heavage in the office, not even on dress-down casual Fridays. So that leaves only Saturdays and Sundays.

Well, you can wear it once, twice or thrice. But if you keep wearing the same deep V neck tee, I’m very sure your friends will start whispering among themselves that you are starved of other clothes choices.


Question 3:  How Low Should You Go?

Most of the deep V-necks available in the market are still largely acceptable as they end somewhere in between or slightly below the pectoral muscles. But there are some that plunge all the way in a super deep V fashion all the way to the abdominals. Is this flesh on parade or an attempt to ignite a new bold move forward in men’s fashion?

If you ask me, this is all about how confident you are and the image you want to project. After all, guys have been wearing shirts unbuttoned or with lower necklines for years. Even my Dad doesn’t do up all his buttons!

Nonetheless, should if you insist on going extra deep V, remember to pair it with a casual blazer so as to avoid looking too sleazy.

Here’s looking at you, men and your heavage!

PS: If you ask me, this is the lowest I will go 🙂