The Biggest Loser Contestants Face Health Risks

The Biggest Loser Contestants Face Health Risks

According to an article in The New York Times reproduced in the local press, the shocking news must definitely be that contestants of the wildly popular TV reality series ‘The Biggest Loser’ are facing health risks.

It comes as an absolute bolt from the blue when the winner of the first season, Ryann C Benson, who lost 55.3kg of his 150kg has now ballooned back to above 136kg. If this not cause for worry, then read this “he publicly admitted that he had dropped some of the weight by fasting and dehydrating himself to the point that he was urinating blood.” OMG!

This is a very serious revelation. What on earth went wrong exactly? 

Reading on, I learnt that many contestants, in a blind bid to win the honour and the cash, went to extreme measures such as self-induced hydration and other health-defying weight loss techniques just before the official weigh-in.  

No matter how anxious one wants to lose weight, one should never play with one’s health. If there is no health, there will be no fitness whatsoever. That’s why health must always be placed before fitness. 

Interestingly, this article has also confirmed what I have been sharing and that is any weight loss of more than 2kg per week is dangerous. Thinking back, there is no safer and effective weight loss programme than a properly regulated training programme comprising cardiovascular activities, resistance training and a meticulous meal plan. Anything outside this (think miracle slimming pills & zapping machines etc) only subjects you to a health risk.

Love your fitness…more importantly, love your health everybody!

biggest loser contestant faces health risk