The Art Of Conversation Workshop For Civil Servants At Civil Service Club

The Art Of Conversation Workshop For Civil Servants At Civil Service Club

Fresh from my recent radio interview with Radio 938 Live on dating and relationships comes this workshop which I conducted today at the Civil Service Club for civil servants. Back on familiar grounds (as this is my fourth training here), the topic is also one closely related to everyone. Think ‘The Art of Conversation’.

Like it or not, we are involved in conversations with almost anybody daily. Running the gamut from our family members, to our peers, to strangers we meet, it’s a conversation in every sense of the word.




How we communicate with others or what modes of communication we choose to utilize is paramount to the types of results we expect. Effective communication is something many of us take for granted. But in this every-changing world where good communication skills leave an indelible impression in the minds of others, it is important to know how to say, what to say, when to say and why we say it.

This is especially important in the civil service which serves the greater good of the public. But it’s definitely much more than just that. Even in our daily lives, we need to communicate effectively with our partners, friends, colleagues and suppliers.

When it comes to communication patterns between males and females, there is a fundamental difference. From time immemorial, males have been the more dominant, action-driven ones while females were the more emotional ones. But in this new age and time, we have often seen both males and females adopt cross-gender patterns. So it’s not good enough to start pigeon-holing both males and females. Instead, understanding the primary needs of each gender and how each chooses to send across signals is the key to maintaining a harmonious relationship.


Think of that important first date or interview you are going to attend. Do you not want to ace it with full confidence? Yes, your grades may be good enough to be invited for the interview or your looks may be above average to score that first date. But whether your relationship develops any further or if that interview materializes into a job offer often depends on the first impression you create. And this in turn is sustained through the art of conversation. Ask the right questions and the door opens. Pick the right topics and watch the sparks fly…

To sum it up, never ever underestimate the power of a good conversation as it will bring you places and score you lots of brownie points. If you need professional help, email me here.