The Amazing Lifestyles 2011 – 1st Briefing

The Amazing Lifestyles 2011 – 1st Briefing
The Amazing Lifestyles 2011 is off to a very promising start as we welcomed 16 ladies today at the Bunker Cafe and Bistro for our first briefing.

Located in the far far east near Changi Prison, it was comforting to know that distance and space knows no bounds once you have set your heart and mind on something. And for these 16 ladies, it is to turn up to indicate their interest in this remarkable journey of faith, transformation and self-belief.

My briefing to the ladies

Most ladies would freak out when they hear the word ‘pageant’ as it entails having to parade around in swimwear. But be rest assured that we will not be asking our ladies to do this. Instead, they will all look girly (1950s style) for the photoshoot before morphing to become a glamorous, sexy babe in the final runway show.

I enjoy meeting new people and learning from them. That’s how we continue to grow and become a better person. And I’m very sure each lady will be able to inspire me in her very own ways. If you are a mother, I want to learn your parenting ways so that I can be the best dad in the world. If cooking is your forte, I want to learn from you how to satisfy my taste palettes. If you have travelled the world, I want to see things from your global perspective. If you enjoy your work in the corporate world, I want to learn what makes you tick.


After hearing their self-introductions, I am pleased to share that while a few ladies accompanied their friend or sister here to take part, the lady who did the accompaniment too was converted after hearing my welcoming address. Indeed, we do not want hostages. We want people to sign up on their own concord and give 100% in everything they do in the months ahead.  

Style-wise, it was a sight to behold. Call it an occupational hazard, but I can’t help it but do a quick filter of the various styles today. If I had to use three adjectives to sum up all the different styles today, it would be simple, trendy and sophisticated.

Never once forgetting their smiles, the smiles on their faces became even more radiant when the sponsors stepped forward and handed out complimentary goodie bags and vouchers in the form of haircuts, masks and facials. Wow!

Even though most of them were strangers meeting for the first time, I have an inkling some may become close friends and continue to hang out for high-teas, shopping or even mahjong! This was based on my observations on how well the ladies bonded and networked today. 

In every step of Amazing Lifestyles 2011, we want to encourage the ladies to give their best, each time and every time. This was why we also requested all of them to dress up for this briefing. After some deliberation, we gave up 3 Best Dressed Awards to the three most deserving ladies. Congrats!

The 3 Best Dressed Ladies with Sharon

Every effort deserves a compliment or a pat on the back. So in order to get all ladies to understand the importance of dressing up (as our visual appearance takes up 55% of the total image score), I specially set a rule that should you win the Best Dressed Award today, you will not be eligible to win another one. This does not mean you can dress shabbily or wear flip-flops when we next meet. Also, this would act to spur the other ladies to put some effort in their overall image presentation. 

The next highlight of the lazy afternoon must be the inspiring speech by Sharon, winner of the Mrs Amazing 2010 pageant who spoke of dreams and why it was important for one, regardless of size, to achieve them. In the same vein, in R Kelly’s song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, I’m 100% positive these ladies will not only fly, they will soar like seagulls and find their little piece of sky to call their own very soon.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see them in their 1950s pin-up girls look come end July and how they will start to see themselves as ladies who deserve to be loved, respected and cherished for who they are and the qualities they embody.