The 3 Untold Truths About The Job Interview

The 3 Untold Truths About The Job Interview

People always lament that interview is a tough act to crack. Well, not necessarily so.

Instead of fretting over the interview and the interviewers who are supposedly hell-bent on making your 15 to 20 minutes a living misery, think otherwise.

Pause and take a step back.

With greater clarity, you will realise the interview is actually a culmination of 3 factors. I call them the 3 untold truths. If you are able to master these 3 untold truths, then you will be smiling your way to the employment contract letter.

Truth #1: You Are Giving A Presentation With A Clear Storyline

When going for a job interview, you are not there to chit chat or engage in casual conversation.

Instead, you are walking into the room prepared to give a presentation.

Once you think of the interview as a presentation, then you are playing at a much higher level than all the other candidates.

Successful presentations are built on clear storylines. Now what’s your storyline?

A storyline is always based on several plots that reveal their thematic, dramatic and emotional significance.

As the director of your own presentation and storyline, what will be you be presenting to your interviewer audience?

The chief theme that runs through your entire storyline should be based on this one idea – why are you here?

Are you here because

•   you can add significant value to the company and help it grow its market share?

•   you want to learn on the job and get paid for it?

•   your mother asked you to apply for the job?

•   it is a mere 5 minute walk from your house?

Think about this.

Truth #2: You Are The Solution To The Problem

The company is facing some sort of crisis, problem or challenge or call-it-any-other word you want. That’s why it is hiring. It could be because someone resigned and they are short-handed. Or it could also be because they are fast expanding and have created a new position.

Whatever the reason for hire, it doesn’t matter.

What is of paramount importance is for you to pitch yourself as the only logical solution to their problem.

And if they don’t hire you, they will be worse off.


Truth #3: You Are Helping The Interviewers Make A Decision

You are actually persuading the interviewers to use and try you out. You are helping them make a decision.

Will it be a favorable decision?

Ask yourself

•   Have you shown enough hunger for the position?

•   Have you demonstrated enough insights in your answers?

•   Have you done enough research on the company?

Simply put, once you have appealed to both the head (factual) and heart (emotional), the job is as good as yours.

The only question is – now that I have demystified the 3 untold truths for you, are you all set to ace the next interview?