The 3 Tenets of Personal Branding

The 3 Tenets of Personal Branding

Many people confuse personal branding with personal grooming. They think personal branding is personal grooming.

If you are one of those who are still confused, then do read on as I will explain the difference between the two.

In a nutshell, personal branding has always been portrayed as mysterious, arduous and requiring deep pockets. It’s something which only big corporations could engage in.

But not anymore.

Well you see, one of my greatest gifts is the ability to simplify difficult concepts into bite-size nuggets, help you internalize them and systemize them eventually.

Let me share with you what personal branding is all about.

In essence, there are 3 tenets of personal branding. And if you master all three tenets, you will become a pro in whatever industry you choose to be in. That’s what I always share with the participants who attend my branding workshops.

Tenet #1: Brand Story

We all have a story.

Similarly, your brand too has one.

Do you have a story that is attractive (in the sense whereby it retains attention)?

If yes, are you able to encapsulate that story and tell it to others in under 1 minute?

Tenet #2: Brand Image

This is where personal grooming comes in. As you can see, personal grooming is at best only a segment of personal branding. We can think of it as a sub-set of personal branding.

What image would you want others to remember you? Someone professional and polished? Or someone casual and laid-back?

We choose our image. It is that image that signifies us. And with that image, there is a perception value behind which people will associate it with.

Use this simple analogy – when you look into the mirror, do you see yourself as a kitten or lion? After all, both animals belong to the feline family. Herein lies the power of image versus perception.

Tenet #3: Brand Language

Language is a powerful medium which we human beings use to communicate our views, ideas and opinions to others.

The language we choose must be carefully crafted so that it helps elicit similar emotions in our target audience.

Inside all of us reside an emotional repository of feelings. So when we are engaged with emotive language, it helps tug at our heartstrings. And naturally when the heartstrings feel a strong sense of emotions, the purse-strings or wallet-strings will naturally open too.

So there you have it – my 3 tenets of personal branding. As you can see, personal branding is an extremely exciting journey which, if you manage it properly, will pay you handsome dividends just like a bluechip does.