Stress Management Talk For Mewah Oils And Fats

Stress Management Talk For Mewah Oils And Fats

Welcome to Mewah Oils and Fats – one of the newest publicly listed companies in Singapore.

I was told that these guys were super stressed (it could be because of them transiting to public listed company?) and I had the unenviable task of making them feeling less stressed. Well, with such a Herculean task placed on my shoulders, I sure had to give my 100% best, right?

Stress is that formidable force that causes us to become extra worried, excited or agitated. It can be a result of an internal or external factor. Some common tell-tale symptoms of stress include bad tempers, sleepless nights, hair loss, weight gain, weight loss, forgetfulness and other health-related diseases.

Some form of stress is necessary as imagine a world with no stress. It would be so boring. And productivity would surely be at an all-time low. With the adequate amount of stress, it challenges us to think out of the box, beyond our normal capabilities and rise up to the occasion. I firmly believe the universe only gives us big things to do if we show we are capable to solve the small things in life.


Like all my other programmes, talks and workshops, I emphasis on the doing above anything else. If I had to make the staff sit through a stress management talk without helping them, then it’s only going to heighten their stress levels.

I don’t profess to be a stress management guru. But I do employ useful techniques in my daily life to help me combat stress. After all, it’s common knowledge that as more people know me and my reputation grows, my schedule has become more hectic with more trainings and other engagements.

Sharing two of my all-time favourite stress busters – I started with deep breathing exercises. It’s so strange but true that most of us (at least 90% in fact) do not know how to breathe! Our breathing techniques are so so wrong. That’s why we get so easily stressed and cannot reach the state of zen. Breathing is so important for almost all our activities – from living to working out to being happy in life. Just like how the Almighty gave us life, so the same goes to the way we enhance the quality of our lives through prana. Prana, or simply known as breath, controls all our physical capabilities. This is the essence.


And following that, what I thought could be asking for the impossible turned out to be unfounded as all the staff gamely joined me to sit on the floor to prepare for our next segment – meditation.

Unknown to many, mediation is non-religious. All it does is to free our minds and allow us to connect with our inner true self here and now. There is no time element, no deadlines, no nasty bosses, no whatever. It’s just me and my breath. Nothing else matters. Once you learn to calm your mind, you free yourself from all the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.


Once I checked that everyone was sitted comfortably cross-legged position, or for the more flexible ones, in lotus position, I asked for the lights to be switched off and soothing music to be played. I chose a piece from my favourite artiste Karunesh.


Namaste everyone…I sincerely wish everyone bliss and happiness in your lives. Be gone, stress!