Slimming Tips We Can Learn From Asian Stars

We all think that the popular movie stars and singers whom we idolise must possess some special formula or be made to go through some terrible weight loss regime just to maintain their svelte figures. 
Recently, I did a search of what some of our idols are doing to stay slim and pretty and guess what? The slimming tips which they use are nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, they are so ordinary that we tend to neglect them. Remember, these Asian stars are as human as all of us are. 
Shu Qi
This former Category X porn queen turned mainstream actress makes it a point to stand erect for 30 minutes after each meal. 
Research has proven that standing burns about 50% more calories than sitting. What more after a meal when standing helps you to digest your food better. By standing after a meal, you help prevent bloatedness which is one of the most common complaints of many. 
Fan Bingbing
This mainland actresses simply keeps a food diary of what foods pass her lips. 
This is so easy but yet very few of us are doing it. And the excuse we tell ourselves is that it is too cumbersome. But if you want to see results, then we must all work on our diets. It is pointless slugging it out at the gym or running 10km a day if you don’t monitor what you eat.
Karen Mok
The Hong Kong singer/actresses controls her penchant for snacks by not reaching for chips, biscuits or other tidbits. Instead, she turns to munching on apples each time she gets a snack attack. The additional benefit this has given her is help her keep her enviable long legs trim. 
As the saying goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. There are many benefits associated with eating fruits. I’ll just list 3 of them. Firstly, fruits comprise mainly of water and this is crucial for the human body which is made up 70% of water. Secondly, fruits provide us with the necessary fibre which helps us clean our internal systems. Thirdly, fruits are 100% cholesterol free. Compare this with animal products such as meat and diary.
Jolin Tsai
This popular Taiwanese singer idol eats only boiled green vegetables, low calorie crackers and no sweets. 
Remember your parents cajoling you to eat your greens when you were younger? Well, our parents know best. Including vegetables in our diets may reduce risk for stroke and perhaps other cardiovascular diseases. More importantly, vegetables are important sources of many nutrients such as potassium, dietary fibre, folic acid, Vitamins A, C & E. Most vegetables are also naturally low in fat and calories. None have cholesterol. But because most of us like to fry our vegetables with oyster sauce or other seasoning, we invariably add fat, calories, or cholesterol in the process.
Sweets, innocent as they appear, are in fact silent killers. Very rarely will we be content with just one sweet. And many of us, having a sweet tooth, will find ourselves reaching out for that second, third…sweet. The concentrated amount of calories we bring into our bodies largely bypass our daily calorie needs. More alarmingly, because sweets are primarily acid, they lower acidity in our mouth, rendering the teeth vulnerable to bacteria attack and to the emergence and proliferation of teeth cavities. So what’s so sweet about sweets? Nothing but sugar.