Singapore’s 100 Most Loved Beauty Professionals Award By Cozycot

Singapore’s 100 Most Loved Beauty Professionals Award By Cozycot

Birthday presents come in many shapes and forms. While those from family, loved ones and friends surround the heart with aplenty emotions, other unexpected ones bring boundless joy to the birthday boy.


Many a times in life, it’s when you least expect it that you cherish it the most.


Away in the Philippines for a business networking trip, I had to miss the awards ceremony of Singapore’s 100 Most Loved Beauty Professionals organized by Cozycot as part of the Cozycot Beauty Awards 2011 at Orchard Central over the weekends. But the Cozycot guys didn’t forget me and were very nice to send me an email asking to drop by their office to pick up my award. 

Away from the awards ceremony event proper, in the peace and quiet of the Cozycot office, I received my 100 Most Loved Beauty Professionals award. There was no fanfare, no cameras clicking away, no media. Just me and my award.


If you ask me what I wish for this birthday, I wish for good health, happiness and more opportunities 🙂