Setting A New Record

Setting A New Record

If one continues to do the same things that other people do, then that can only be considered as ordinary as you are following the trend. So in order for a feat to be considered extraordinary, it has to be impactful, meaningful and most importantly, encompass the ‘wow’ effect.

What started off as a dream into the realm of training back in May 2008 has now morphed itself into a business model that works. When I first started doing training and accepting speaking engagements to do talks and workshops, there wasn’t any grand plan underlying. After all, it was just passion driving me along.

But a fateful day in 2010, I glanced into my own crystal ball and told myself I wasn’t content to be just another run-of-the-mill trainer. I aspired to be someone who would chart my own journey and mark my own milestone.

And today I achieved that. Today is a remarkable celebration in itself simply because I have achieved what I thought was only a dream to many.  In the span of three and a half years, I have trained 100 companies and schools. Today marks the 100th company.

Seriously, words in themselves are insufficient to describe how I feel now. Gratification and satisfaction are perhaps understatements.

Records are not broken unless you have demonstrated you have given enough and are deserving of it. The magical 100 number – once I thought was so far and out of reach is now warmly etched in my heart. I have been there and done that.

Many thanks to one and all who have believed in me, spurred me on and been the guiding light. Now for even greater things in life…Cheers!