Review Your Fitness Training Periodically

Just admit it – you are stuck in a rut. Or should I say you are still stuck in a rut and despite knowing your own condition, have chose not to do anything about it. In other words, you love the rut-state you are in now.
If that is happening to you now, Heaven forbid!

What I have just described earlier is one of the most common issues happening to most people. We simply refuse to take stock of our life and make the best out of it. Rather, we blame others, justify thousands of reasons and simply give up in the end.

As Albert Einstein once remarked, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Just like how the big organisations and uniformed forces have their debriefing sessions or after action reviews once a project is over so as to record areas done well and areas for improvement; so too must we evaluate our fitness trainings.

You simply evaluate what went well and why. And what didn’t go that well and why. By sharpening the saw, you make constant, steady improvement a way of life in the same vein the concept of kaizen is to the Japanese.

Believe me but unless you try it out at least once, you will never fully appreciate how powerful this process is.

To convince you this is definitely worth every minute of your time, I’ll list three main benefits you’ll get from doing a review of your fitness training.

1. You’ll see what you did right – and the biggest secret to success is this. Do more of what works.

2. You’ll see what didn’t work – in the form of the miscues you have made. I wouldn’t call them mistakes. Instead let’s label them as learning opportunities. Seize the lesson from each learning opportunity and STOP doing that.

3. You’ll be inspired by how far you have come. Nine out of ten times in life, we are always harsh and critical of ourselves. When was the last time you actually patted yourself on the back and said “well done”? It’s so easy to forget where you were this time last year.

If you need an instant confidence booster, simply take 5 minutes to list down what you have accomplished after each workout. Review the entire workout training sequence. That’s what I do with my clients after each lesson. I walk them through the entire session so as to reinforce the learning in them. More importantly, it helps to fire them up and motivates them to perform even better the next training.