Radio 938 Live The Breakfast Show Branded For Success With Lionel Lim

Radio 938 Live The Breakfast Show Branded For Success With Lionel Lim
It is an honour to be invited to share my entrepreneurship journey on the radio airwaves this morning at 7.30am. At the invitation of Mediacorp Radio 938 Live, I’m on the breakfast show ‘The Breakfast Club’ with host Bharati Jagdish. Radio 938 Live is Singapore’s only news and talk radio station.

While the last radio interview by the same station focused on love and relationships, the one this morning was geared towards the launch of my book “Branded For Success”, the inspiration behind it and branding tips for listeners.


Life is what we make of it. Even though we may come from different backgrounds and share different experience, there are still some similarities that bind all of us together. It is an open secret that life is never a bed of roses. Neither is the path ahead always paved smooth and lit with gold. We have fallen. We have tripped.

We have been taken on a ride. We have been cheated. We have met with failures and disappointments. The list goes on…And that’s what makes us human.

Looking back at where I started off in 2008 (full of passion but with zero knowledge) to being cheated of my money in my first business partnership, to where I am today, nothing is impossible. As an ordinary human being, I chose to believe in my own abilities and become extraordinary. If I can do it, I believe others too can do it.
The definitive moments in our life make us stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you a fighter. Having overcome personal challenges in my life – especially the death of my father, poor health and a period of depression, I have chosen to put all the unhappiness behind and rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix to rebuild life the new life as I envisioned.

My life story is now an inspiration for others because saying is one thing, but doing it is another thing altogether. Just like my SPICE theory which I share in my book, branding is something we cannot turn a blind eye to. The way we speak, the way we dress and the way we present ourselves is a form of direct branding. If you don’t brand yourself well, it will be very difficult to stand out in this increasingly competitive world. What more if you are a company?
Branding permeates all sectors of our life – from the brands we consume, use and encounter on a daily basis. If you decide what to buy, eat or wear based on the overall look, feel and comfort level, why not do the same for yourself? If others feel comfortable about you, think highly of you and hear good feedback about you, chances of you being ranked higher in their hearts and minds is a tad more positive.

If you missed my radio interview this morning, do not worry…You can still read in more detail about what I shared in my book “Branded For Success” which is now available in all major bookstores in Singapore. 

Remember, you are your own walking advertisement showcasing your own brand 🙂