Personal Training Is No Stroll In The Park

Personal Training Is No Stroll In The Park

This may sound cliche but it works everytime I share it.

“If you think personal training is a stroll in the park, think again”. This is my favourite phrase of late. Besides commitment from both client and trainer, personal training also demands a lot of determination from the client. It is definitely not an hour of chit-chat time where you pour out all your sob stories, latest problems or complaints about colleagues or bosses to me.

Have you ever wondered why there are some people who work out at the gym for years and still remain scrawny or chubby? That’s because they spend too much time chatting up other people in the gym and neglecting the workout.

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Sorry, in my personal training sessions, you will never get this. Yes, we will have some small talk but basically that’s about it. And more often than not, the small talk is created to elicit feedback from clients so that they are on the same wavelength as me. 

My role as a trainer or coach is to push you to the limits and be responsible for your improvement session after session. It is to make you do that extra rep that you know makes all the difference.

As your coach, I want to see you perspire as if you have never perspired in years because when you perspire, you flush out the toxins from your body. As your trainer, I want to see you become stronger each session. That’s equally important. You must feel you have the gradual ability to lift better and heavier. 

It’s amazing how there are some who look at the weight and even before they start to push or lift, start forming negative thoughts in their minds which go ‘no, no, no way I can lift that’. Such self-defeating beliefs should be thrown out of the window as they impede your progress.

Believe me. I’m here to help you push through the barriers. I want to see you succeed because it is our common goal we are working towards. Let us embark on a meaningful and beautiful partnership 🙂

Personal training is a stroll in the park? Please think again…it is only for people who are committed. But once you are committed, you can be rest assured I’ll be there to match your commitment level.