Personal Training Changes Lives

It is the worst kept secret that when we embark on something new, it’s almost always the most difficult. And that’s when some of us would feel like throwing in the towel and walk away. We tell ourselves it’s too difficult and it cannot be done. But for the rest of us who persevere and watch the weeks go by, the results really speak for themselves.
Such is the case of one of my male clients. Comparing the first time when he started training and the training he just completed today (his 15th lesson), the results are just phenomenal. 

A working professional with his daily schedule laden with meetings and schedules, coupled with a host of health problems, led him to explore personal training. From day one, he did not give up even though he huffed, puffed and barely made it through the first few trainings. I could see he labored through his runs breathlessly, often having to stop intermittently and was intimidated by the weight machines. After all, he was a novice just starting out. But if the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And that was his approach. He did not give up. Instead, he kept coming back for training and that’s the key to success in life – consistency. 

It does not matter if you cannot do a standard push-up or complete 15 reps of an overhead press. All I ask of you is for you to give your best. Once you have given your best and you know it yourself, you will improve. Your body will thank you for it. Have faith and trust yourself. You will get there one day.

I salute him for the marked increase in strength, endurance and good form. Watching him train was akin to seeing a transformed man completing his run with better stamina and overcoming the weights with full confidence. Was this the same guy I knew barely one and a half months ago? 

Let the truth be spoken and that is he really did his homework as he was asked to. As a lifestyle coach, I can motivate and push you beyond your comfort zone in the gym. But I cannot be doing your cardio and eating clean for you. Busy as his schedule is, he makes it a point to schedule in at least three runs a week either during lunchtime or after work. This is on top of the once/twice weekly personal training sessions and a 10-minute run that precedes each training. 

Departmental runs at Marina Barrage with his colleagues are now becoming more of a breeze than a pain as he is able to keep pace with the fitter ones without them having to wait for him while they surge forward. More importantly, his pants are getting looser and he has to resort to tightening it by using the other extreme end of his belt. 

At the movie preview of Robin Hood last week, I was awed by a particular quote in the movie. I think my male client truly deserves it. “Rise and rise again…until lambs become lions”. He has done it and is on his way to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Will you like to come on board too?