Personal Grooming Talk At People’s Association (PA)

Personal Grooming Talk At People’s Association (PA)
Sometimes I feel I’m like a magician as I have the ability to brighten up someone else’s day. But I don’t do it by waving my magic wand. Instead, I do it through my little ways of showing you how you can up your image quotient. Everyone wants to look good. There is no denial about that. Regardless of age, gender or occupation – we all want to look good.

Sharing how easy it is just by understanding what works for you with the participants from the People’s Association (PA) who came from different parts of Singapore and congregating at the Headquarters, everyone was in for a treat, including me. I loved the energy of the audience as the mood was light-hearted, fun and geared for learning.



If you ask me, there is a direct correlation between the importance of a personal appearance and image projection. Simply put, it is the process of making yourself look neat and attractive. It is not about buying expensive designer wear or trying the latest styles.

Their dark red polo T-shirts may be the norm for most of the PA staff (as it is their uniform), but there are also some who have the liberty to wear their own clothes to work. Regardless of whether uniform or own clothes, the rule remains the same – that is work with what you already have in your wardrobe. It’s about creating a capsule wardrobe and being to project different styles for different occasions.


Clothes and manners do not only make us complete, instead they greatly improve our appearance. As a service industry provider myself, I can understand how the PA staff need to come into constant contact with members of public. Whether this is real or imaginary, the most important fact remains that your appearance influences the opinions of the ones around you.

Demonstrating through volunteers who gallantly offered themselves, all were spellbound when they saw how easy it was to gain an instant insight into the transformation they were about to experience for themselves. And it’s a transformation they will gladly undertake after this personal grooming talk which I’m very sure 🙂