There’s an ancient proverb which I came across recently. It reads “once is a fluke, twice is a trend, three times is a habit.”

Maybe I’m getting used to seeing myself in the national papers again. But in all honesty, I’m truly grateful for each and every opportunity. And to be doubly honest, my eyes were wide awake at 4am while lying in bed yesterday…while my ears were straining to hear the familiar sounds of the newspaper vendor delivering the newspaper to my house.

Every article is a new form of excitement to this big kid. And this one is no different.

While the first was more personal and focused on my toy collection; and the second on my business and investments, this third-parter in The Straits Times Mind Your Body ‘Fit And Fab’ column turned its focus primarily on my health and fitness transformation journey from sickly, pimply, low self-esteemed teenager to a lean, toned, confident young man. Interestingly enough, this transformation is one that strikes a chord with many readers out there. 

We all have some areas of our body which we are not satisfied with. I used to be like that too. But the most important difference between the me back then and the me now was that I took action. Make that massive action. I could have lamented my own misfortune. But instead, triggered by Dad’s illness and subsequent passing away, I took matters into my own hands and chose to redesign my life the way I wanted it to be. And this redesigning took time as I did it the natural way. 

I did waste precious time initially experimenting with my workouts and mealplans but I have since hit the right formula. That’s why clients are happy I have let them in to my little black books that document the struggles and how they can avoid the same pitfalls while getting results faster.

Relying on a exercise programme, eating the right foods and a proper skincare regime, the transformation started to breathe a life of its own both internally and externally. And once I started seeing results, there was no stopping. 

And like they say, the rest is history.

I’m happy to share my life story with readers out there as I believe it will motivate them to take action of their own to achieve the dreams they had set for themselves. Let us shape our own destiny with our own hands.

And before I forget, here’s the Mind Your Body article. Happy reading! And yes, I have a new nickname given by the press – Mr Confident :)


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A big hello to everyone!

I’m officially back to my work desk after enjoying the winter holidays with my family and taking time off for my personal retreat. And the first thing I thought I’ll do is to write a blog entry for you, my readers.

What did I do over the last few days? Well, I took a retreat of sorts and used this time to reflect, rejuvenate and plan for the year ahead…all in the comfort of my humble home. 

And believe me, it has proved to be an exciting process as how often do we really have our personal space and time? This is sacred as only when we devote quality time to ourselves will we continue to grow.

For many of us, it is customary to make New Year resolutions pledging to change our lives for the better. But even before you sit down and pen down your resolutions for the new year ahead, have you even taken time to ponder and taken stock of where you are currently?

We should never be like a headless chicken running in any direction just because someone said it was good. Instead, do a careful stock-take of our current situation, and then analyze the gap between the current and the ideal.

While it is a common practice for many to make New Year resolutions, have you ever wondered why many have let them lapse after a few missteps?

This was the chief reason one of my clients shared with me on why he gave up making New Year resolutions years ago, because the promise to keep them was forgotten the minute they were made.

To make things simple and this blog post a breeze to digest, let me share 5 key areas to making your New Year resolutions much more meaningful so you will not be kicking yourself again come 31 Dec 2012.

1. There Is No Wealth Without Good Health

A lot of people fail to recognize the fact that staying healthy is the most important asset to possess. No matter how good you may be at work, or in investing, it will amount to nothing if your health fails you.

Just like how we plan appointments for dinners with our friends, meetings with our colleagues, luncheons with our suppliers etc; so too in the same vein do you pencil down (either in your smart phone or on your diary) your exercise schedule. 

The number one rule to good health is simple – exercise three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time.

2. Family Is The Thread That Binds 

Life is so unpredictable that is advisable to start appreciating the people around you, especially your family. 

Do not wait until someone in your family is stricken with an incurable disease before you start showing care and concern. We are not growing younger as each day goes by.

Personally, I make it a point to eat at least thrice a week with my family as we catch up on the small episodes that occur in our lives. Strangely but truly, it’s a very Asian thing to bond over meals. And what better way to bond with your own family?

3. Be True To Yourself

In our eagerness to challenge ourselves, we will many a times overplan believing we are Superman or Wonder Woman. The truth is…we are not.

Instead of writing down ten or more New Year resolutions, trim down the list to only your top five. Five is a much more manageable number. If you recall, I spoke about setting SMART New Year resolutions. And just in case you forget, this is a New Year resolution list. This is not your bucket list.

4. Learn A New Hobby

Just like muscles have memory and will stop growing if we subject them to the same exercise and weight, so too will our personal growth stop should we go about doing the same chores over and over again. In short, break out of your current routine and embark on a new adventure of sorts. This new year is the perfect time for you to pick up a new hobby. It could be anything and run the gamut of baking, mountaineering to photography and a new language.

I hate to be too frank sometimes but I have to. The day we stop learning is the day we start to degenerate.
5. Find Your Own Happiness

There is no secret to the art of happiness. You hold that sacred art in your own hands. You breathe and create your own happiness via your own thoughts, feelings, actions and results. If you are unhappy with your current job (despite its high pay), it’s time to consider leaving and pursuing your own passions.

Life is too short to be living someone else’s dreams and becoming what our parents or elders expect us to become. 

Only when you start living your own life according to your own terms will you unlock the gates and bask in happiness unparalleled.

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