Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? This often quoted line from Snow White still holds much relevance in our everyday lives. The truth does hurt but knowing the truth allows us to make adjustments and seek improvements. 
The mirror is our good friend as it does not lie. And our best friend is the full-length mirror as it shows us in all our glory – both flaws and perfection exemplified. Yet it’s interesting not many of us enjoy looking at ourselves in the mirror. 


At TAT Petroleum this afternoon for a grooming talk, I extolled the benefits of the mirror when it comes to understanding one’s body shape. Before we pick a particular style to try on, we must know what flatters us and what does not. Picking the flattering pieces helps boost our confidence and allows us to stand out from the crowd. Picking the wrong pieces only accentuates the wrong areas.
Like it or not, we all have some amount of fat hidden somewhere around the body – it could be in our tummy, thighs, arms or butt. And as we grow older, it just seems harder to expel this fat. Add to the point that despite constant reminders to exercise at least three times a week, many do not citing a lack of time as the most common factor. Summing it all up, that makes it even more important, doubly important to wear the right clothes!
If you would like to know what to wear, then read yourself from the mirror. For all other expert advice, contact me here!



People are like gifts sent to us from the heavens above. Each one of them has made a positive difference in my life and enriched it in a unique manner. Similarly, for these three ladies from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) who signed up for an evening class of grooming workshop.

Coming from different departments but with one single aim, it was a delight to have them in my class tonight.
As an ex-civil servant myself, one of the best perks of being in the service is having an annual training budget which we can use to attend almost any self-improvement courses. For these three ladies, they chose to attend my grooming workshop.
Repaying them for their faith in me, it was fun from the moment they stepped in. Exhibiting excellent chemistry amongst themselves while learning, they stepped into a whole new universe.
If you ask me, it’s easier to share knowledge with participants who are new to the subject as they are like sponges who will absorb and be willing to learn. Juxtapose this with others who have their pre-conceived notions of what works and what does not and are resistant to change.
Visually, we all want to make an impact on others – be it our family, friends, colleagues or suppliers as people tend to take mental notes internally and score others.  Like it or not, our world bases its first impression on that split second. This is true regardless of whether you are hiring, dating, selling or befriending. 



And it’s only through exploring new areas will we rediscover ourselves in a new light and let that experience shine through. So while the ladies laughed at themselves, they also learnt about their true body measurements, how to choose the right bra size, read people accurately from the choice of clothes, pick the right colours to wear and build rapport with others with the help of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
If you ask me, I have no preference whether it’s a small cozy group or a large auditorium group. My modus operandi remains the same – to share my knowledge in the most intimate and accessible manner. My lessons are always learn-a-minute, laugh-a-minute as I believe that’s the best environment to learn.
If you too like to create an impactful visual impression, then join these ladies from IDA by clicking here and book a seat for the next run.



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