It may come as a surprise to many but not to me. What many tips can one share in a one hour session and how useful can that be? And how much can one really absorb?

Stop the thinking and do the learning.

If one chooses to adopt this mantra, the one hour lesson is more than sufficient in learning useful tips which you can apply immediately and share with your family members, friends and colleagues (should you choose to).

If you are still a little surprised, don’t be. Just ask the teachers of Teck Whye Primary School. Held as part of the end of year staff welfare activity, today’s one hour grooming talk contained the essence of my sharings over the last four years. 

While I was still a student, I used to look up to my teachers as role models – from the way they spoke, to the way they dressed themselves to the way they carried themselves. In the same manner today, besides students being more inquisitive nowadays, they still imitate their teachers and look up to them. That’s probably the chief reason why it is important to help teachers get more polished. If teachers come to class dressing sloppy or shabby, the students will think it is okay to be that

As it was the long semester break, it was also the perfect time for them to let their hair down and have fun while learning a new topic.
Not someone to shy away from what has been mistakenly construed a woman’s topic, the two male teachers in the class sat in the grooming talk gallantly and enjoyed themselves.


I was told by a few teachers during their group discussion time that they were initially hesitant to sit in for my talk. They were afraid they could not cope and the instructor would be fierce. But once they changed their mind after seeing a bright smile, calming voice and positive body posture welcome them into the room. For that instant, it appeared the teachers themselves took me to be their role model. 

Starting on that positive note, it was a power packed grooming talk filled with huge doses of useful information. Sharing generously and getting the teachers involved in becoming volunteers – whether it was for the colour analysis segment or the clothes styles segment was a breeze. Once they saw how easy it was to be analysed in less than a minute, everyone was thrilled!
People lament that they do not have any gifts in life. This is not true. They only need to search within to find that special gift bestowed by the Universe. The gift that the teachers in the grooming class brought with them was the willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn. Today, I too reaffirmed what my gift was. After the chorus of thank yous and more thank yous from the teachers, the ultimate manifestation of it all came when some stayed behind to shake my hand and say it was a blessing I came into their lives. I am truly blessed.

P.S. I got a pleasant surprise when I opened my email and received an email from the teacher-in-charge. She actually asked her colleagues for feedback from the grooming talk, typed them out & emailed them to me. A very thoughtful gesture indeed :)


People always ask me – if there’s one thing you can change about this world, what is it? My answer is always “I can help others build more meaning lives so that become confident, happy and successful.”
My mission to build more meaning lives continued today when I welcomed the ladies from ST Logistics Pte Ltd for a one day ladies grooming workshop.
It always fills me with a sense of excitement whether I am conducting a corporate grooming workshop or personal grooming workshop. For today, I think the ladies had the best of both worlds. They came, they learnt, they let their hair down and they had fun. That’s my training mantra – my participants learn while having fun. When you have fun, learning becomes a joy. 
A very jovial class of ladies, they were a blessing to train. As everyone knew everyone else, camadaerie was already there. Plus I was casually dressed as well, so I bet that helped put everyone at ease. Talking about dressing – some overdress and by doing so, overkill that crucial first impression. Had I worn a suit today, I could have come across as overwhelming, overpowering and unapproachable. 


We seek many matches in life. One such perfect (or close to perfect) match would be to match someone’s dressing. Dress codes are important as they govern what to wear, how to behave and what to say in a particular social setting. You dress to impress, not dress to kill.
Whether it was group discussion time or activities time, the ladies played full on. And that was really the beautiful spirit of it all. Everyone ensured her colleague and friend was on the same level playing field. Each lady looked after the member in her team and they completed all the activities together as a team. Bravo!


The three biggest tips I would give any lady attending my grooming workshop would be this.


Tip #1: Your clothes should not be too tight

People come in different shapes and sizes. So if you are slightly on the heavier side or have bigger hips, ensure your clothes do not constrict your movements. Instead, go for a lighter fabric and looser cut. You want to wear your clothes with style, and not get suffocated by the fabric.

Tip #2: Your necklines should not be plunging

As much as some men want their ladies to show more skin and reveal more, remember this rule. Less is more. Sometimes, learning to cover up is one hundred times more classy than revealing all. What more, a plunging neckline. Plunging necklines are a strict no-no for the corporate world. Note that your role in the office is to work and raise productivity. Keep your plunging necklines for your loved ones behind closed doors.

Tip #3: Your hair and nails should be neat and well kept

Nothing irks me more than unkempt hair and dirty nails. It speaks volumes of your personal hygiene as a person. If your personal hygiene is in question, I will also indirectly question your ability to perform and deliver results. One thing always leads to another. That’s how an impression is formed. Getting the right cut for your hair (according to your face shape) and appropriate hair care (apply hair conditioner only to the tips of your hair) are just some simple tips for you.

Upon completing the workshop, I told the ladies that I strongly believed that the bonds among them would be strengthened as I can envision some of them going shopping together and organising clothes swop days…
Thank you the female angels from ST Logistics…You really made my day… :)


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