Did you ever wonder why all schools give report cards to students before the term ends? Practical yet cruel as it sounds, a report card is a timely reflection of your list of achievements or under-achievements or non-achievements for the year that is about to end.

Just like in school where we have different academic subjects and core curriculum activities to strike a balance; in life we too have different areas we can look into – eg. work, relationships, health, finances etc.

As the current year draws to a close and a new set of 365 days presents itself, it’s time to take stock of the significant milestones in 2012.

2012 has been an exceptional year. And I’m very happy to share that each passing year just keeps getting better.  For this, I’m feeling very blessed.

Besides training more corporations, government organisations, businesses, schools and individuals; the triple highlights of 2012 must be the successful launches of my products.

First up was the fitness calendar 2012 “Simply Fitness with Lionel” which helped everyone usher in a healthy new year as it was filled with useful monthly pictorial exercises using the resistance tube that worked different sets of muscle groups. Together with media publicity in the local press The Straits Times Mind Your Body Section and Lianhe Wanbao, it was a first for a fitness calendar in Singapore.
Fast forward to June 2012 which witnessed the long-awaited launch of Luxe Body Culture – my subsidiary line for luxurious bodycare products. There are two products in this range, namely Luxe Curve Redefining Curve Serum (for supple, fairer and curvaceous busts) and Luxe Contour Remodeling Oil (to help target problematic areas so as to lose weight fast). The preferred choice of beauty queens and celebrities, visit the official Luxe Body Culture Facebook page for more information on these globally sourced products.

And this month I celebrate the birth of my book “Branded For Success”. Igniting readers into my personal life journey – from my growing up years to employee days to starting life afresh after Dad’s death, the Nepal soul-searching trip and the failed first partnership, I bring out the realities of building your own business on your own. Life is about living according to your life values. 

Bursting with my personal life experiences as examples, I bring out the I strongly recommend those who intend to strike it out on their own to read it…so that you will gain precious insights and avert a steep learning curve. Even if you don’t intend to strike out on your own, I’m equally sure we share similar life experiences that will have you feel inspired.

For these big three successful launches this year, I am deeply humbled and honoured by the encouragement of my family, friends and fans.

Thank you and wishing everyone happiness, confidence and success always :)


If you ask me, there are many reasons why people do certain things. Some do things because of the thrill of the moment. Others do it because it’s to fulfill a long-standing wish. 
I have lived a very meaningful life till date – having ventured off the beaten track of being a lifelong employee to starting my own business; creating new ones and innovating along the way. The journey has not always been smooth but with sheer determination, acute business acumen and strong belief, I celebrate my third year in business this year. This is after my first business partner cheated me of my money in the previous partnership. 
Without the storms and undercurrents, how does one appreciate the calm and peace that now prevails? 
One of my biggest wish is to write my own book and document my entrepreneurial journey so as to encourage others to kickstart their own business ideas and avert the mistakes I have made in the past. And now, it’s an item on my bucket list which I can strike off now.
Yes, the big project for 2012 is the release of my first book “Branded For Success”. You can call it my baby as I carried it in my womb for the last nine months. I wrote, re-wrote and yet re-wrote again the drafts until I captured the essence of the moment and feeling.
One may assume this will be another one of those cookie-cutter self-improvement books. It must be laden with all the too-good-to-be-true tips that promise you wealth and good times at the end of a smooth road ahead. True you may achieve great wealth, but most books do not tell you the trips and falls you may face along the way.

In my book “Branded For Success”, I have chosen to write it from this totally different perspective which most of you could relate too. Using my personal life experiences as examples, I bring out the realities of building your own business on your own. I will show you how you too can build your own SPICE brand story ©, using my proven methods. Whether you are already an entrepreneur or thinking of starting your business, you will gain invaluable insights into how I created my new life the way I envisioned it to be on my dreamboard. These insights include both online and offline strategies.

Through my interactions with participants from all walks of life, I have inspired my students to become successful personal trainers, image consultants, makeup artists and beauty queens in their own rights.

What I am about to share with you isn’t run-of-the-mill. Instead, you will learn from my life story how I had overcome life-threatening adversities. 

In fact, I started off with zero business knowledge and was cheated of my money in my partnership. Yet, like the phoenix, I has put all the negativity behind me and risen from the ashes to build a successful lifestyle brand with three different arms – coaching, products and events.
The branding lessons shared in the book are full of depth, and multiple layers that are all interconnected. A successful brand is as much about ‘being’ as it is ‘doing’. Your business brand has to harmonise with who you are and how you are as a person: your values, your beliefs, your attitudes, your dreams, and the meaning you give to your life experiences. My brand story provides the practical insight for turning the things that make you unique into the things that make your business unique, too. 
As a writer and lifestyle personality, my skills include the ability to inspire and motivate you, entertain and move you. But my words are not seated on paper alone; they are seated in my personal experience, shared generously through my life stories. I’m not a person who leads blindly; I have lived and learned; overcoming personal challenges to become the inspiring individual I am today. 
Always believe you are destined for greatness in life. You can lead the life you want to and build your own brand…if you give yourself the chance. You are branded for success.

"Branded For Success" will be available in all major bookstores from mid January 2013 onwards. Do remember to support my first book! Thank you :)


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