We all love a good story – one that tells the tale of some sort of transformation. People change because of some circumstance in their lives. While some reasons are extrinsic, others are intrinsic. There is no denying that a positive change is always welcome.

When you know you have the ability to transform into someone better, will you take up the challenge?

Ask no further than the 24 students from West Spring Secondary School. Armed with enthusiasm of a love for fitness, they chose to take up an elective module for the last 10 weeks. From the initial awkwardness of some to the blossoming confidence and better physique of others, it was evident they had reaped the benefits and internalised the lessons of the programme. And today marks the completion of the customised Health and Fitness Training Programme I designed for the students.

Besides gaining first hand practical skills on gym workouts, circuit trainings and cardio lessons; the students (coming from a mixed batch of Secondary 3 and 4) were also inculcated important theoretical lessons on modules such as nutrition planning, exercise safety and setting SMART fitness goals.

As the appointed service vendor, I chose to lead by example – demonstrating the exercises and clarifying any doubts along the way.


If you think it was just another run-of-the-mill elective module, think again. The achievement of each student would be reflected in their holistic report card…thus erasing the notion that elective modules were second in importance to the core modules.

Two different certificates were issued to the students – the first being the certificate of participation (for those who attended at least 7 out of 10 lessons) and the second being the certificate of achievement (for those who turned up for the test and scored at least 55%). Sometimes in life, much as we dislike assessments and tests, they are still a benchmark of our competency. So as long as a student passed, he would be given 1 credit exemption at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) from their Nitec/Higher Nitec programme.

I really enjoyed bonding with the students over the weeks – whether it was bringing them to the Bukit Gombak Clubfitt Gym for gym workouts, doing abs exercises in the classroom or watching them go through their circuits.

Time really flies…but the good memories will always be there. I will miss them! And for all the students, I know for certain they have transformed into having better bodies, confidence and poise.



In a world which is increasingly shrinking as technological advances makes connectivity easier, we came together in Penang (Malaysia) to honour the Asian winners of the 21st Century Prestigious Brand Award 2013. Honoured to be conferred this title by the organisers, I joined close to 200 award winners from 10 different Asian countries to receive the 21st Century Prestigious Entrepreneur Award 2013 from the Malaysian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. A. Kohilan Pillay.

This is my second business award since staring my own business in May 2009, the first being last year’s Successful Entrepreneur Award. I value each and every opportunity to connect with more people, to share my brand and make a difference in the lives of others. Awards are like toppings on the cake to validate the efforts taken. 

What struck me instantly was the grandeur of the gala award ceremony. Grand is perhaps an understatement. Grandiose would be a better word to describe it.

Literally treated like VIPs, we walked on the red carpet before each of us were handed a golden marker to autograph our names on the huge backdrop bearing all our company logos. Then we were presented with a red paper flower…to mark our induction into the family of award winners. If you ask me, it was nothing short of an ‘A’ class awards ceremony, good enough to rival the Golden Horse Awards or Golden Melody Awards in Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively. We were the celebrities that evening. We were the ones our supporters clapped for. We were the ones who left our beautiful imprints on the shores of Penang.


In a sea of black suits and tuxedos, my shiny navy blue outfit was a striking standout. Drums, dragon dances and wushu performances entertained us as the theme of the night was “Chinese’s Glorious Night”. Indeed. 

It’s hard to pinpoint any set ingredients for business success. It boils down to how an entrepreneur decides to brand his business. Branding is just like the clothes we wear. Do you want to follow the fashion trend or do you want to be a trend-setter? It is very often your call in life. 

Life is always full of surprises. As long as we think positive, no mountain is too high to climb and no sea too wide to cross. There are limitless opportunities every corner you turn. For me, I choose to focus on areas I am passionate and excel in. The answer is simple – in this way, I get to play while working at the same time. And it no longer becomes strictly ‘work’ in the sense of the word. 
When it was my turn to receive my plaque and trophy, the Malaysian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. A. Kohilan Pillay shook my hand and wished me more business success in the year of the water snake. Thank you…I will continue to pursue my dreams and build on my brand in the years ahead!

Receiving my award from Malaysian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. A. Kohilan Pillay

With all the other award winners in a group photo

Post awards ceremony

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