After a successful first run at Yuhua Primary School for the primary school students, the Student Health Ambassador Programme began its inaugural run for secondary schools. Welcome to Temasek Secondary School, the hosting school for the two day workshop. A collaboration of Health Promotion Board and Lionel Lim Lifestyle Works, we welcomed an energetic group of slightly over 40 students from East Spring Secondary School, Pei Hwa Secondary School, Yishun Town Secondary School and Temasek Secondary School.


It may be the one week school break but there’s no stopping the enthusiasm of the students who turned up in full force. Young, energetic and all raring to go, they soon electrified the atmosphere in the classroom. Gone was the rhetorical one-way theory style of teaching. Instead, we played more games than we could ever recall. And through the games and activities, it was literally a theatre of live youthful energy with their cheers and claps for their schoolmates.




Keeping with the same mode of sharing of the modular knowledge, but with greater emphasis on communication, teamwork and project planning; the two-day Student Health Ambassador Programme promised to be most fun workshop they could even imagine. For some activities, I even moved all the students out of the classroom into the carpark downstairs.

Many students in the group had an inkling of the projects they aspired to implement back in their respective schools. Whether it was an anti-smoking exhibition in the school canteen or leading the entire school to do the latest harlem shake dance craze at the school’s sport day, the ideas came fast and furious.


As student health ambassadors, being able to share what they have learnt and further inculcate the knowledge to their school mates when they return is the real calling. In class to pick up the necessary information ranging from nutrition planning, exercise, mental resilience, anti-alcohol to anti-smoking, I particularly liked the energy they exuded. I threw them challenges constantly throughout the two days and the students excelled in all of them. Whether it was a creativity quiz or teamwork demanding camaraderie, natural leaders were born and support from the others poured forth.

I’m looking forward to the next Student Health Ambassador Programme during the next school vacation!


Opportunities come and go. When the next opportunity comes, ask yourself if you are well prepared to grasp it. I asked myself and my answer is “I’m ready”.

This is the same conviction I have developed over the years to guide me along and strive for greater heights in life. I’m pleased to share with everyone that my company Lionel Lim Lifestyle Works was recently appointed the official service provider for Health Promotion Board’s nation-wide programme – the Student Health Ambassador Programme. 

As the name suggests, you will soon be seeing me and my team permeate into the classrooms of both primary and secondary schools across Singapore in a bid to spread the messages of health, wellness and positive living to selected student leaders, who will after the two-day workshop, in turn spread the same messages back in their respective schools.

Our first stop was Yuhua Primary School which doubled up as the hosting school. Located in the western part of Singapore, we welcomed the students from Yuhua Primary School, Qifa Primary School and Hong Kah Primary School.

I really love the energy of the students. Albeit only of Primary Five level, they were able to absorb the concepts quickly, translate them into mindmaps on flipcharts and present like professionals. We decided on the onset to include as many games in each of the different modules. Why play games? Games are a great way to observe how people behave in the real world. And through games, we are able to extract valuable life lessons on the modules. 

Concepts will only remain concepts unless we learn how to translate them into everyday practice. For example, when I shared on the food pyramid with the students, I also got them to do a time-based fitting of the various food items into the four food clusters. 


Besides good nutrition, exercising regularly was also incorporated into the programme. Say hello to the orange resistance bands. Stretch here, stretch there and work those muscles!

Individual work and team games apart, the highlight of the programme must be the individual presentation and project planning moments. At their tender age, all were able to speak off the cuff. I couldn’t remember doing as well as them when I was at their age. And when it came to project planning, brainstorming ruled as ideas build upon ideas…culminating in a glorious moment. 

Seeing all the students graduate is like seeing a parent proud of each of his offspring. I’m blessed to be part of this ongoing programme…Look out for the next school which may just be one near you!


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