The final year of any school education is always the one we hold with much mixed emotions. It is a time of celebration as it marks the culmination of all our hard work at school. Yet it is also a time of trepidation as we do not know what the future holds – should the way ahead be to further our studies or get a job?

For many, the answer would be to seek gainful employment.

I'm here at Singapore Polytechnic today to speak to a group of graduating students. As part of a module that the students attend (Communication Skills for Interpersonal and Work Effectiveness) in which students get to prepare for job search and application, interview skills; it was deemed that it would be an eye-opener for a select group to pick up some grooming tips from today's grooming talk.

In an increasingly competitive world, good grades alone are insufficient to get you that dream job. Students need to also understand the importance of grooming. Out of the 200 odd students enrolled in the module, only a select 32 students managed to get a place to attend this evening's sharing. Well, as the saying goes, the fastest finger wins. Yes, they were the quickest to sign up for the grooming talk at Singapore Polytechnic when news was made known.

From Nanyang Polytechnic to Temasek Polytechnic to Ngee Ann Polytechnic and now Singapore Polytechnic, it's been a wonderful journey sharing my experience with them. Today was no exception.

Never underestimate your own potential to transform yourself. That was the theme of today's grooming talk. With a renewed sense of self-assurance and self-respect, it really isn't about shapes or sizes. Rather, it's finding out first-hand what works for you and using your clothes to bring out your best.

From the animated group discussion on image destroyers to body shapes, styles and face shapes, the students were tuned in 100% and wanted more. If you ask me, confidence is what you make of it.

To succeed in life, one must feel that extra bit of confidence and let it come from within. Yes, clothes do make the man. That's why the fastest way to look well groomed is choosing the right style of clothes. Hate as we might, we all have flaws on our bodies. Nobody is perfect. For some of us, it may be our thighs, for others it may be our arms. Wherever you feel less than perfect – you have two options: either learn to disguise in the short term with useful wardrobe tips or work it out in the gym in the long term.

As I shared with the Singapore Polytechnic students, knowledge is power. Use it subtlety to gain the advantage over others. Thoroughly understand yourself with an adept grooming sense and the related social etiquette first…and then you can go on to add value to others and the organization you aspire to work for. The true value of a positive image on others cannot be underestimated.

So if you can feel like a million dollars everyday, don't ever settle for anything else :)


We probably have heard the numerous stories of our forefathers who left the comfort of their homes and ventured overseas in search of a better life. In the same vein, we start new businesses or expand our current ones too to improve our lot in life. We feel we can make a difference in the lives of others.
Life is never a bed of roses. It is through the trials and tribulations that we savour the fruits of our labour. If you have sowed your seeds in spring, you should be able to harvest your crops in autumn before the harsh winter cold. But as we all know, some seeds may take a longer period before they are ready to be harvested.

If you have persevered, not only will you live to tell the tale…but you will also be strengthened mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually after the journey.
Many a times, we are too focused on the results that we forget to enjoy the journey. The journey is the one that allows us to meander along, experience the thrills and spills, and finally get there. Yes, results matter in this modern world. But so does the journey.


Through my own journey, I have grown and matured as a person. I have come to appreciate my own strengths and weaknesses. I know what works for me and how to attract a like-minded team.
All these didn’t come to me all at once. It was the result of the journey I took since 2009. From being a face in the crowd to being the face the crowd now faces, it’s been a journey I never ever could have dreamt of.
Today, alongside other entrepreneurs whom I’m sure have their own exciting tales to share, is another pinnacle in our entrepreneurship journey.
The indomitable spirit to triumph against all odds and live to tell that tale like a badge of honour engraved on our hearts is what makes us different from others.
I’m honoured to be the recipient of the Asia Pacific Brands Award 2013 (Coup D’ Established Category). The Asia Pacific Brands Awards is a nation-wide initiative conferred to the finest commercial and consumers brands and organisations which have achieved high standards in aspects of applicability, brand positioning, brand orientation and acknowledgement.

How time flies…I’ll be celebrating four successful years of entrepreneurship next month! And I am now considered an established brand. Wow…who would have dreamt of this except the dream weaver himself?

Yes, I am the architect of my dreams. Because I’m not afraid to dream, and to take concrete steps to realise each and every one of them, I have arrived.

Now is the moment to relish all the moments of the fruitful journey as I receive my award badge.
The success of a brand owes a huge debt to the perception it has imprinted on people (who have experienced the products and services) as well as other people who have not (but they have heard good feedback about you). My guiding principle is simple – as long as I hold true to my values and follow my mission, I’m sure my brand can only grow from deeper roots to greater heights :)




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