Mastery comes in many different forms – they can range from the physical, emotional, spiritual to financial. But the one that transcends all these forms is still personal.

Personal mastery, simple as it may sound, has more to do with the self than others. Seek first to understand yourself, then understand others.

This was the promise I made to the participants who gathered here at the Career 2014 Singapore at the newly refurbished Suntec City Convention Centre. Simply titled 'Power of Life Profiling', the 45 minute talk was a useful introduction into why people should know themselves inside out (so as to speak!). Power is knowledge and when used in the right way, it can help us become a better person. And using it for the greater good brings about more harmonious relationships and a better quality of living.

There is no mystery surrounding life profiling. It is easy as it can get. All you need is your date of birth, By working out the numbers mathematically, one can instantly tell your character, strength(s) and weakness(es). It is certainly much easier than the algebra or calculus we used to do back in high school.

As I always tell my clients – if you don't like something, there are two options you can take. Option A would be to continue disliking it. Option B would be to take some action to change it. Remember, the discourse of life is colourful because we lead eventful lives and not mundane ones. Should you know your weakness and you are not happy about it, come up with concrete action plans to make the change for the better. And since you know your strength, all the more you must harness it to the maximum so that you will shine like a diamond.

People are strange creatures. As kids, we used to be unafraid of almost anything. Should we fall while attempting to walk, we may cry. But we also certainly pick ourselves up and start trying to walk again. Yet as we grow older and become adults, we have so many self-doubts and limiting beliefs. We feel we are not good enough, not smart enough, not fast enough…the list goes on.

Never ever belittle yourself. You alone hold the power that you can unleash from within to take you from zero to hero. And life profiling is the key that unlocks that power.


I'm back on homeground. Yes, literally speaking that is true. Welcome to the NUS Career Fair 2014, a two full-day event that is keenly anticipated by all graduating students. As an invited speaker, I was given the liberty to choose a topic that was of personal interest and would resonate with the students. I chose 'Life Profiling – Knowing Yourself and Knowing Others'.

As an NUS ex-undergraduate and now alumni, I can understand the struggles most face when coming to the final year of their studies. When all of a sudden there are no more exams and no more assignments to worry about…that's when the real world dawns. And many are lost as they do not know what they exactly want to do in life.

When I first created this topic on life profiling, it was precisely with the intention to give my audience a better grasp of their own self in terms of their characters, strengths and weaknesses.

I'm glad life profiling has proved to be a hit with the students as the questions from them came fast and furious from the packed room. Comprising a good mix of both locals and foreign students, it is also evident that NUS has truly become a global university.

What is life? Life is what we make of it. You hold in your hands the destiny to make that change to become the person you have always wanted to be.

What is profiling? Simply put, it means a recording and analysis of a person's behavioural characteristics.

Put together, 'life profiling' helps one to identify his or her unique patterns. When one has clarity, one has the power to either reinforce that strength or improve that weakness. It is an open secret that in recent years, more companies and organisations are using a variety of personality tools to profile their candidates before hiring them. It's about finding that good fit.

Rather than wait for someone to value your worth, why not have a headstart by enrolling in the next upcoming life profiling workshop? Come learn and walk away inspired and see yourself from a brand new perspective!


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