As the saying goes, you never know who you are going to meet. Very often, one opportunity leads to another.

One of the participants from my previous
 Quality Lifestyle Quality Performance dinner-time talk just last month sent me an invite via email asking if I could give a similar healthy lifestyle talk to a group of police officers on 18 Nov 08.

I'm sure she must have found my earlier talk useful. I replied saying I would be happy to oblige. From what I understand, the Singapore Police Force has won a string of awards such as Singapore Quality Award, People Developer Standard etc.

Being invited to speak at such a prestigious organisation would only help boost my resume. Of course I'm excited...never mind the fact that I'll probably not be able to take any pictures inside owing to security reasons :)



It's my first public talk this year and I'm all excited about it. In fact, I've been spending the last few days preparing for it, scripting and rescripting my data. So here I am at the NUSS (National University of Singapore Society) Suntec City Guild House at the invitation of Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) to give a dinner talk on health and fitness.

I received the invitation to speak a few months ago and accepted it as I felt it would be a blessing to share my knowledge with others. More importantly, it would allow me to fulfill my aim of becoming a world-class trainer.

Quality performance starts with quality lifestyle. Let the dinner talk begin!

For my 90min talk, I decided to have the participants do some work instead of hearing me talk all the time. By doing exercises and then discussing it with a partner (partner share) and subsequently sharing with the class (class share), it reinforces the learning and brings it to another new level.

I threw out all the difficult concepts and devised easy to remember, yet effective phrases which the participants would be able to identify with. After all, they were not here to hear from Emeritus Professor Lionel Lim, but Lifestyle Coach Lionel Lim. There's a rule of thumb which I always observe - if I can simplify concepts or things for people such that they can easily learn and duplicate it, I have already succeeded in my mission.

Yes, I see myself as a lifestyle coach as I go beyond helping clients reach a new appreciation of their bodies and physical abilities. I do more than just that. I help them come to a new appreciation of who they are and what they can become. By utilising mediation and neuro linguistic techniques, I make training fun and memorable. Who says working out in the gym or running on the threadmill can't be exciting? I just buck the trend.

The participants were in a big surprise when I actually got them to stand up, turn around and massage the person standing in front. From the initial hesitation to the "give me give me give me more", I could tell they were having fun.

Bearing in mind the participants just had dinner, it wasn't wise to get them to do any physical exercises. I wish I could have so that they could bring home extra useful tips. But I'm sure they learnt a great deal tonight.

I swear I could have continued speaking as I had so much more to share. But as a professional speaker, I must keep within the time allocated. I'll leave that to the next seminar :)


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