It's not uncommon for friends to lament that they run because they have to, not because they choose to. Is it really that torturous to run? After much consideration, my answer is I don't think so. It is definitely not.

Running should come as naturally to us as all our other daily activities like eating, talking, walking, sleeping and bathing. 

Remember how most of us started moving on uneven steps towards our parents when we were toddlers? Or even attempting to run away ahead of them when we were brought to the fun fair or playground? Yes, running is an innate ability that all of us possess. For some of us, we have just forgotten how it feels like to run.

You may not run like Asafa Powell setting new Olympic sprint record timings in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. You don't have to run like Powell or any other athlete. You just have to run, be yourself and have fun!

After putting a good pair of running shoes and doing your warm-up stretches, it's time to let your hair down and run!

Despite all the grouses, running is one of the most popular cardiovascular (or cardio for short) exercises as it's free. You can run practically anywhere - on the track, in the park, on the beach, on the treadmill, on the streets or around your neighbourhood.

The timings for your first few runs may be nothing much to shout about. In fact, they will be dismal. Maybe you will only be able to run for 5 minutes before you become breathless. This is perfectly normal. You slowly increase the run time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes and then beyond. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

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Should you persevere, your stamina will increase gradually and that's when you will really start to enjoy your runs and the joy it brings. The feelings of breathlessness, tiredness and dizziness will dissipate as you continue with your runs on a regular basis. In its place, you will experience the feelings of freedom and exhilaration. Besides helping you to burn fat and expend the extra calories, running is truly therapeutic as you feel fresher and think more clearly after the run.

Heed my advice. Start running and hang in there. You will start loving it more. And when you do, you will run because you choose to.


A new client told me he felt disappointed with himself after today's training as he had difficulty lifting the weights. "Don't give up on me ok?" he said.

I will never give up on any of my clients. More importantly, you must not give up on yourself. Everyone starts at a different training phase of their life. Some begin as fresh-faced novices with zero knowledge on how to workout while others are semi-professional gym-goers who take personal training to sculpt a better body.

Regardless of who you are, you have to start somewhere. For the fresh-faced novice, it's always a challenge initially getting used to the workout. After all, terms like rep, set, dropset, superset etc were alien to you until recently.  

Muscles take time to grow. They don't grow overnight. But given the right training techniques and proper guidance, you can be rest assured that you will get the body you want. It is alright if you can't life or pull or push or curl all the way. That's where your personal trainer comes in to motivate and help you.

All you have to do is to believe in yourself, that you can do it and be willing to give your best in every workout session. 

For the semi-professional gym-goer, the challenge of having to struggle with the weights is still evident, albeit on a different level. Moving onto heavier weights, you will still find the going tough initially.

Never give up on yourself. Never compare yourself with others. We are all unique individuals. Yes, the initial going may get tough but given time and practice, the tough gets simplified and the simplified becomes easy.


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