We live in an age defined by inter-connectedness, where our online persona is becoming increasingly important to not only our social life, but also our career. More employers are beginning to value the importance of evaluating candidates’ credentials not solely based on their resume and interview performance, but also based on their image online. If done well, a positive online presence can boost your personal brand and increase the odds of employment.

Thus, it is vital to build a positive online presence. After all, it's all about first creating your brand and then promoting it.

In today's personal branding workshop for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) undergraduates, I shared many strategies. Out of all these strategies, there are 3 I deem the most powerful. Here are the 3 powerful tips which you can immediately put into practice.


Tip #1: Be Congruent

Your online presence should be seen as another form of a resume, offering a personal touch that potential employers might value. Thus, it is important to present a positive image, and be consistent with what you are presenting. Contradicting material will lead employers to question the reliability of this online persona you have crafted.

Being congruent also emphasises the message, making it almost synonymous with your name. If portrayed in a positive light, this can greatly increase your desirability as a potential employee. Remember, your words and actions have to be consistent.


Tip #2: Post Regularly 

It is crucial to first establish presence online before that presence can be of any help. Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat all operate on the theory of providing updates in a chronological order as they are posted. While it is important that your posts be of quality, quantity too plays a key role in making sure your posts are not in the shadow of others.

Scheduling your posts properly will be vital to ensure you have a constant stream of quality posts. Since most people will not have happenings to post about everyday, space out your posts to keep them regular. Thrice a week will be good. Posting regularly allows people to interact with your posts, comment and also share if they connect with it.

Besides posting on your own social media accounts, you should also actively post on business and personal profile sites. You want to be selective on where you post and what you post so as to be taken seriously. This also opens opportunities for you to network with people from all over the world. 


Tip #3: Keep Your Profile Current

Choose a maximum of three social media networking sites and then take time to maintain them. Imagine if a headhunter or recruiter stumbles upon your online profile, views it and realizes you haven’t updated it in the last four years. Keep your profile current by updating it consistently. If you have had a new internship experience or played a new sport, include that. If you have graduated or embarked on part-time employment, add those in too. 

In recent years, social networking sites have evolved to become tools for employers to assess a potential employee based on their personal interactions, making it crucial that you present a good image. Leveraging on social networking sites to build a positive online presence can help you stand out in the pool of potential candidates. 




I’m not a fashion police. So I’m not going to tell you what’s hot and what’s not. Neither am I going to tell you what’s in vogue. That’s the job of a fashion stylist. And as we all know, trends come and go. 
Rather, as an image consultant, I’m going to share with you how you can become a more stylish guy in terms of your dressing. 
And I’m sure you, like the JC2 students today who signed up for the mens grooming workshop from Hwa Chong Institution will leave class feeling invigorated and empowered to look their stylish best always.

Tip #1: Wear The Perfect Fit

Remember, what you wear must fit you. And they must fit you perfectly. 
For shirts, the shoulder line is the most important consideration. The shoulder seam should meet the corner of your shoulder bone. Next, your armhole should be comfortable when you lift your hands up. They should not be so tight that they threaten to cut into the underarm. But beware of excessive space as that means it is too baggy.
Moving downwards to your pants, always adopt the middle ground. Do not wear a pair that is skin tight nor baggy. The emphasis should be on comfort as you do not want to do injustice to your crown jewels. 
I always advise guys to go for a slim straight cut. 
If you wear the perfect fit, it looks as if the material was tailored especially for you. And there will be no doubt your confidence will be boosted multifold.


Tip #2: Pay Attention To Details

The devil is always in the details. Let me share four proven ways you can consider.

Play With Print or Accents
An accent of colour or small prints (think dotted or animal) adds creativity to a plain white shirt.

Similarly, a different colour for the collar and shirt cuffs is going to help you up the style quotient. 

Wear A Dress Watch
Firstly, choose a nice dress watch. There are many brands available in the market. You don’t have to buy an expensive one. But at least choose a classy-looking one. For the watch strap, choose between the steel bracelet and the leather strap. 
I personally like the chronograph as it is timeless and fits all occasions.

Wear A Leather Belt
Secondly, wear a nice leather belt that is simple in design. No PVCs or fake leathers. No skeleton skulls or huge brand insignias as well. 
Interestingly, the real purpose of wearing a belt is to act as an accessory. It’s not there to hold up your pants. 

Wear Quality Leather Shoes
Thirdly, enjoy deciding which shoe style suits your lifestyle best.
Shoes for guys have progressed over the years and we have lots of options to choose from nowadays.
I list for you the Oxford laced-ups, loafers, brogue, monkstrap and Chelsea boot.
If you do not already know, shoes are the foundation of every look. I call it the finishing touch.

Paying attention to what you wear on your feet will score you brownie points.

Tip #3: Invest In A Skincare Routine

Like it or not, your face is the most thing others see. You don’t talk to people by bending your head downwards. Neither do you hide behind a pile of books while talking.
Men have always been labelled as thick skin by our female counterparts. Derogatory as it sounds, there is actually a lot of hard science truth behind it.
A man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s (thanks to our testosterone hormones). In fact, it is about 20 times thicker. Besides being thicker, men’s skin is also oiler and warmer. 
Many guys think they can get away with washing their faces with soap. But they cannot be more wrong.
Thin or thick skin, your skin still needs nourishment. So if you haven’t started, it is time to consider adopting a simple three-step skincare routine now. 
Think cleanser, toner and moisturizer. 
If you are more hardworking, throw in an eye gel and serum too!
Trust me - your skin will thank you for it and help take the years off it.

Just like mine :)


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