How time flies...the pioneer batch of train The Trainer Programme graduates today! But before that, they have to pass the examination - in terms of client consultation, sales presentation & fitness training. Seeing them go through it all reminds me of when I first started off as well. It really brings back good memories as the participants are probably still unaware of the number of lives they can positively transform by virtue of this very noble profession called personal training.

Here are some candid shots of what took place on the sidelines of the examination. Remember, it's all about having fun during training too!

train the trainer shoulder press img
I think judging from the build of the 'client', he's it really that heavy?

train the trainer cobra yoga stretch img
Two cobras sunning themselves in the open, surrounded by curious onlookers? Nay...just doing stretching

train the trainer stretching img
Did he break a bone or ligament? Look at his facial expression!! 

Congratulations to all the 4 newly minted personal trainers!

train the trainer graduation img 


I've finally finished designing the Train The Trainer Programme certificate. Just in time to get it printed and issued when the guys graduate this Sat. 

Looking at all the certificates I have received over the years, I decided to do away with the conventional designs that have a gold trimming as a border as it surely looks tacky. So for my Train The Trainer Certification Programme certificate, I came up with a design using strips and curves as the border. This reminds all of us that we have to be flexible in life and adaptability is important in this time and age. Playing with bright colours to liven up the mood, I chose orange (the colour of energy & vitality) and black (the colour of coolness & mystery).

Being a personal trainer is more than just about flexing your muscles. It is about knowing how to draw out the best in your client and 'infecting' them with your abundant energy. It is about being creative and designing new exercises when the equipment is spartan. Most importantly, it is also about being a steadfast beacon of support and motivation for your client when the going gets tough.

Paying tribute to my roots where it all started for me, I added in symbols of the the gym in the form of dumbbells and weighted plates. To this very day, I still train using them.

Lastly, for the 4 guys who started on this journey with us, I included a group photo and the trainer declarations. Each declaration is a declaration to the Universe of the values we hold true to our hearts. Being of service and adding value to other people's lives is definitely one of them :)



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