Sick of running, swimming, rope jumping, rowing and elliptical training? It's alright as you can take a break for the moment. I'm pleased to announce that there is a new cardio workout in town and it's spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning, which refers to the yearly affair of of cleaning a house from top to bottom before the dawn of spring is a must for all families. This is especially so because one has unknowingly accumulated much clutter over the past year. Unless the negative energies from this clutter is removed, the 'qi' in the house will not be revitalised. I've taken over a major role in the spring cleaning of the house in recent years and it has presented me with a view of things I have never been able to see before.

I'm not joking when I say that spring cleaning is indeed the new cardio workout in town. The very act of climbing up and down, whitewashing the ceilings, walls, shelves and cleaning the floor on all fours spells nothing but cardiovascular in nature. Interestingly, it is also an excellent overall body workout. 

When I was on the stool reaching out to the ceilings, I activated my gastrocnemius muscle. This is similar to the calf raises that I do in the gym. When I further reached out to rid the spider webs, I was relying on my deltoid strength. Stepping up and down the ladder resembled the step-ups I do at the gym. 

When I was back on solid ground and squatted to clean the lower ends of the wall, I was surprised at how long I could squat as my quadriceps were well-trained over the years. When I had to bend over to reach out to the hard-to-reach corners of the room, I remembered doing a one-hand plank. And trust me, this tests nothing other than your core strength.

All these muscles were used plus I perspired for 6 hours continuously. Which cardio workout in town allows you to sweat it out for this long? I think only a marathon comes close to it. And since most of us don't run marathons regularly, we can always turn to spring cleaning as an alternative.

Happy spring cleaning!


It is an open secret that all of us want to look good. Who does not look his or her best in a society that places such a high premium on the first impression?

For those of us who are in the midst of a fitness regime or designed mealplan, I congratulate you as you are one step closer to your dreams. As the footsteps of Chinese New Year draw closer, I'm very sure my Chinese clients will be eager to shed that extra kilo or pump harder so as to impress their relatives and friends during the customary house-visits.

It was based on this premise that I teased one of my long-term male client that he would be able to flaunt his hard earned muscles again when he returns to his hometown. He smiled sheepishly initially, then added that he was content with the glow of admiration he received last year. Whatever extra reaction he received this year would be a bonus. I'm genuinely happy for him as he's now savoring the fruits of his hard labour at the gym.

Today when I checked my Facebook, one of my clients wrote that he somehow felt slimmer and attributed to an invisible force behind him looking good. Another one of my female clients joined in the discussion and proclaimed that I was the reason behind his feel slim effect. She further enthused that I had this mysterious power to make her feel slim somehow...even talking to me makes her feel slimmer.

As I read their discussions, I begin to ponder if they have given me too much credit for what I have helped them achieve. My start and end points are the same - to make you look good, both inside out and outside in.

What I basically do for all my clients is to prescribe a proven set of training methodology comprising a sensible workout routine and delectable mealplan. More importantly, I believe in strong personal support. 


It is vital for both trainer and client to maintain close communication at all times so that the results will be maximised in the shortest possible time. I believe in training smart, not hard. This is a maxim I have followed all my life, especially through varsity days.

Yet credit must be given to all my clients who have chosen to believe in me and stick with me. It is through their own hard work, efforts & sweat that they have begun to see the physical transformations happening right before their eyes. 

If there's any mysterious force behind all this positive buzz, it's the individual's innate ability to shift into high gear each time trainer and client meet. I love this energy as it is infectious in a good sense =)

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