Don't be surprised when you learn that the first of the two-parter series of my health talks will actually be held at the prime shopping belt of Singapore - Orchard Road!
Yes, that's right. I'm at Orchard Central today from 3 - 4pm. As part of the mall's April 2010 Fashion Delights promotion titled 'Couples in Spring Fashion Workshops', all shoppers who spend a minimum of $30 in a single receipt are entitled to a free 1hr health talk conducted by myself at Basement 2.

Orchard Central's Basement 2, for those who have yet to visit, is the newly opened addition to the mall. It will house Singapore's first dedicated Mediterranean retail and lifestyle destination in the near future. With these grand plans in mind, it is little wonder that one immediately experiences the strong European mood and decor. I absolutely love it.

I decided to speak on weight loss today. Weight loss, as we all know, is a very sensitive topic in our lives. Because of our sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, it is almost a given that we will put on weight through the years. Plus the fact that our metabolism slows as we age.

If you were here today, you would have learnt that losing weight is not difficult nor impossible. All one needs is a correct exercise regime and meal plan, coupled with heaps of perseverance and determination. Forget about diets or quick-fix solutions promising rapid results as these do not last. 


I hate the word 'diet' as it smacks of deprivation. Living in a food paradise like Singapore, asking one not to eat is akin to committing the biggest sin. Why live a life of deprivation? Instead, practise moderation and you will find life much more bearable!

Sure, when you are on a diet, you lose weight so quickly that it cheers you up. But once you are off the diet (are you actually thinking you can be on a diet forever? Heaven forbid!), the weight miraculously piles itself back on you, sometimes recruiting more of its same kind and giving you extra kilos. Yo-yo weight loss is not something you should aim for. Instead, go for a gradual, but sustainable weight loss programme. We must be realistic. How long can you be drinking some weight loss juice? If you are that motivated to continue drinking juice, will you do it your entire life? Or better still, bring your own juicer to the meeting room and start juicing your own drinks in front of your colleagues? I seriously doubt so.


As I've mentioned before, a safe measure of weight loss should be around the region of 1 - 2 kg per week. Anything above this range is excessive and life threatening.

From exercises to meals, I touched on the importance of each complementing each other. On the topics of meals, I went through the different food classes and was in for a delight!

There were two young girls (both were definitely below 8 years old). When asked whether they loved vegetables (as vegetables give us fibre), they replied affirmative. One girl loved spinach while the other loved cabbage. I remember I hated my vegetables when I was young and if possible, avoided eating them. But now, I can't live a meal without vegetables.

I'm happy that there were 3 families who actually spent the afternoon with me. The family that eats and exercises together stays healthy together!

In conjunction with the launch of the Augustman portal & the A-listers competition, there will be a meet the A-listers roadshow over the next three days. I've been slotted to attend tonight's roadshow.
Yes, it's happening at Ion Orchard Atrium at 8pm tonight. Basically, we will be involved in a Oprah Winfrey kind of talkshow and be asked questions on our profession and hobbies. 
Now that the recording is over, here are my after thoughts of the roadshow.
The mood definitely was light and fun, nothing too serious as previously envisaged. And it did help in a way as the organisers hinted the possible questions we would be posed. This certainly allowed me time and space to organise my thoughts before sharing my views.
For me, Andrea (the host) asked me what being a lifestyle coach meant and how I added value to other people's lives. Then she invited me to critique the other 3 guys' dressing in my capacity as an image consultant. Hahaha...
Of course, there's a time for work and there's a time for play. When presented with the question what was the one movie I would screen for all the guys on boys night out, I had the answer ready. Avatar! Not only do big boys play with their toys, big boys also have a softer side to them. It's about rediscovering who they are deep down inside, just like Sam Worthington's character Jake Sully did in the movie. To distinguish the big boys from the best boys, learning to be in touch with your own inner world is the only way forward.





Lasting all but 20 minutes, the roadshow was soon over. Many thanks to Jason & his friends for coming down to support me. 
In any competition, knowing that you have the love, encouragement & support of your family & friends is perhaps the most blessed feeling one can ever experience. Thanks everybody. I'll do my best. 

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