One of my clients just returned from a two-week vacation after holidaying in London. As though he knew what I was going to ask him, he proudly proclaimed that he actually found time to exercise during his holiday!
I was impressed, really. After hearing of how he allocated time each morning to run in the hotel gym and his daily achievements of running 5km in 25 minutes, totalling 25km in 5 days, I gave him a pat on the back.
He has completely dispelled the misconception that one cannot exercise while holidaying. This is utter rubbish. If exercise has become part of your lifestyle, then you will find time and energy to exercise. Everything else that you come up with is an excuse created by your creative mind. Instead of finding excuse to explain for your inaction, might as well channel the same energy into some form of exercise and reap the benefits of it!

Kudos! Well done dude!

I decided to do something different today. Besides the normal sharing of health and fitness tips, I planned to demonstrate and hopefully get the audience to participate in doing some simple bodyweight exercises. This would be most useful to them as they could take these exercises home with them and use them the very next day!

Gamely joining in after I have demonstrated both lunges and chair dips, I was naturally happy.

As most were first-timers doing lunges, I decided to be extra nice and got each of them a chair support. This would boost their confidence and get them doing it the right way.

No time to exercise? Worry not...just do some bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your own room!

Lunges are chair dips are two of my favourite bodyweight exericses as they can be done anytime, anywhere. Lunges train your quads and hamstrings while chair dips tone your triceps.


Just like a magician, I have come to learn that regardless of age or gender, my audience responds best when I utilise a mixture of different teaching methodologies. After all, there are times when they listen, there are other times for them to do some internal soul searching and partner sharing. By varying my teaching methods, I strive to make my workshops and talks interesting. I bet the last thing a member of the audience wants to do is to listen to the speaker talk non-stop.


Compared to the group yesterday, this group was considerably more vocal as they stopped to ask questions along the way. When answering a question on meals from a lady, I advised her to seriously consider adopting a 'eat more eat less' principle. Simply put, this was to eat six small meals regularly at almost 3 hour intervals. This definitely beats having a huge dinner after 8pm. I sure hope she takes my advice. 

The problem with most of us is that we reverse the order of eating. Instead of eating like a king/queen at breakfast; prince/princess at lunch; and like a pauper at dinner, Singaporeans always end up skipping their breakfasts (because they are rushing to work), have a late lunch and an awfully huge portion yet again at dinner. If you wonder why your tummy never seems to subside, this is the reason.


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