Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my clients improve week after week. The feeling transcends everything as it makes me feel so blessed to be able to be encouraging them on their fitness journey. 

Although today's Vesak Day, but I'm still working! In fact, I choose to work, work is also part of play for me.

And what a day it turned out to be...what a transformation I've witnessed for myself ever since Nandini started personal training and resistance band training with me.

From frumpy housewife combating post-natal weight gain to the persona and confidence of the hot, sexy mama she showed during the photoshoot, I am really proud of her. No wonder she turns heads at school gatherings and has garnered praises from her circle of friends. 

This is her story. Feel inspired and take action too...! If she can do it, you can do it.

"A testimonial for Lionel...I am finally sitting down after six months to get this done for which I must thank him for waiting so patiently. I had done personal training before in Singapore after having my second child but to cut a long story short, there was really no change in my body. So I was skeptical about choosing another trainer to work with. However, since things were looking mighty I gave it another shot with Lionel.
When I first met him, there were a lot of doubts in my mind...the ever pessimist that I am started thinking if this would work. He gave me a meal plan which I started following immediately. 
The routine was gentle at first and then after three or four sessions, he started pushing me. I always started with the same line "I can't do it", but Lionel always gave me the confidence which urged me on. He makes you do exercises without really being too hard on your body and also eases when needed to. We work on the entire body every session so it makes it more fun but I always complain. I think Lionel knows how to push me without making it really laborious. He mixes the exercises with weights and on the mat which also helps as it's not concentrated on just bulking up the body but also toning it.
I have definitely seen tremendous changes in my upper body. I trust he will help me achieve that "look" that we both laugh about. He's good company and though he's my trainer, we can still have a chat about other things which makes it more fun!!
Good luck with everything, Lionel. And I hope your book sells big time and you become a real trainer guru not just in Singapore but all over Southeast Asia, if not the world."


I could only find 20 minutes spare time in between training sessions yesterday afternoon as my schedule was packed. Faced with this challenge, it was either I skipped my gym workout or did a super-quick one. In other words, if I decided to hit the gym, I would be relegated to a quickie workout. 

And a quickie workout was what I challenged myself to do today. It was at least better than having no workout. As its name suggests, I had to fully utilise my time and effort in getting maximum results. Not wanting to waste time training minor muscles such as biceps and triceps, I decided to train my major muscles instead.

Running through my mind quickly, I shortlisted my options. Finally, I decided to just zero in on two exercises - namely chin-ups and cable reverse flyes.

Chin-ups are an excellent exercise especially when one is hard pressed for time. By executing it in perfect form without any swinging and using a wide grip with palms facing away from me, I could feel my lats, rhomboids, shoulders, biceps, forearms and core being worked on. Next up was the cable reverse flyes. Interestingly, I felt myself lifting heavier today! Breaking through my usual plateau, I made significant progress when previously I was always stuck at a particular weight. This time, I worked my deltoids and lats.

Looking at the clock and the minutes that ticked away, two exercises were all I could accomplish. 

<Fast forward to today>

When I woke up this morning, I felt the instant yet all so familiar delayed muscle soreness syndrome. If you asked me, the workout yesterday was ultra-short but I felt really good. 

Many a times, it's not how hard you train. Rather, it's all about how smart you train. Ganbate everyone!!

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