I brought my grooming talk to Temasek Polytechnic today. But today's grooming talk was not just another grooming talk for another educational institution. Rather, it was organised as part of the Engineering Career Seminar for the students of Temasek Polytechnic. And that was what I discovered only after I stepped into the lecture theatre. So perhaps that was the main motivating factor for all the students who took time off to spend 1.5hrs with me on a Friday afternoon :)

From all the talks I've given at the higher educational institutions, I've observed that it's normally the trend where more girls than guys turn up for my grooming talk. I wonder where all the guys went?

Jokes aside, as a guy, I never really paid much attention to my dressing, etiquette, image and mannerisms back then during my younger days. I was always almost seen only in T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. But I have come to learn only after I started working that it does play a difference, or I should say a HUGE difference. Just think about it, especially when it comes to an job interview or having to impress someone you have a crush on.

Sharing my own experience is something I do with my participants as it's good to add value to other people's lives. More importantly, this will help prevent them from making the same mistakes I made in the past. That's why some of us are always on the lookout for mentors who can guide us along, whatever field it may be in as it saves us precious time rather than learning on our own and suffering the hard knocks. Personally, I have mentored others in grooming and fitness who have come knocking on my doors as these two areas hold special meaning in my heart. Do read my life story here.

It's definitely not a Herculean task to leave a positive first impression on others. It all boils down to knowing oneself. In fact, this reminds me of an ancient Chinese proverb 知己知彼 百战百胜。Translated into English, it literally means "to know thyself is to win half the battle." In order to impress others, first I have to know what qualities (both inner and outer) I possess. Only then can I go about taking the necessary steps to enhance my image. 


In all my grooming workshops and talks, I enjoy getting the participants to engage in discussions and believe that hands-on practice is the best way forward to instill learning. That's why the stuff I teach is never only theory. Theory by itself is boring. That's also how I continue to keep the interest of the audience.

As I was once a student, I too understand the concerns of each and every one in the lecture theatre. They were here to extract maximum value from my years of experience and that was what I intended to do as well as I firmly believe that by sharing more, I gain more too :)

I think I must have struck a cord with the students from Temasek Polytechnic even though we were from different faculties (for the curious, I was never an engineering student back in my NUS days). Grooming is an international language that cuts across all barriers, languages and cultures. And that alone is the beauty of this amazing field.

It was only till the every end of my talk that I realised that there was a pleasant surprise in store for all the students from the polytechnic. Guess what? All participants would be eligible to scan their matriculation card to verify their attendance. And simply by attending my grooming talk today, the students would have clocked one precious Core Curriculum Activity (CCA) point. How much better can life get? Not only do they gain valuable grooming tips, they also gain academically! But then again, good things must be kept to the end, right?


If you enjoyed painting with watercolours or doddling with crayons on an empty sheet of paper back in school, you will love colour analysis. Through colour analysis, we are able to find our best colours that blend harmoniously with our skintone, hair and eye colour.

Profound as it sounds and challenging as it is initially, once one grasps the concepts, it is as easy as ABC. Just ask the students at The School of Makeup who are training to be makeup artists. I just completed two colour analysis workshops for them as a guest trainer yesterday and today. This will be the start of a long collaboration with the school as I come in to share my expertise in colour analysis and other grooming topics with the different cohorts.

Sharing with the class

Wearing the right colours will brighten up her face and make her look younger

I'll choose this piece!

As I believe in making things simple for everyone, there's really no need to memorise chunks of theory. After all, life is pretty complicated in itself so there's no need to complicate matters further. So it's just the basic concepts and then we go straight into hands-on. Hands-on is always fun as it allows one to see the visual effects once I drape the model. Seeing is believing.

Choosing silver or gold makes a huge difference...

As aspiring makeup artists, it is of great importance to all the students to be especially attuned to the concept of colour and its various attributes. Just imagine choosing the wrong eyeshadow colour for the client and the end result will be complete disaster.

Colour draping myself

She looks sullen and dull when drapped with brown

Remember, colour analysis is not rocket science. It is the very essence of wearing our best colours to look our best. This is especially important when you are going for an interview or need to impress during that important first date. 

Have fun ladies!

Does this pastel blue look good on her? 

When you see all smiles, you know this colour suits her!

With the first batch of students

With the second batch of students

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