Today's the very first time I've done two grooming workshops in a day but there's always a first time in life for everything, right? :p

When I first received the invitation to speak at their monthly Soapbox, I had to admit I was rather apprehensive. I mean one would normally associate Mensa with people with super high IQ. The members would probably out-speak, out-think and out-perform all of us. 


All my apprehensions evaporated the very moment I had chance to come into contact with the bubbly and chatty members of Mensa Singapore. And I think being back at the same venue where I first started speaking professionally had a very calming effect on me too!


Interestingly, the aims of both my grooming workshop and Mensa's stated purposes are aligned. I aim to identify and foster grooming intelligence for the benefit of all my fellow brothers and sisters. So does Mensa but in the intellectual field.

With more males than females in the small group today, it was a refreshing change from all the previous workshops I've done. For once, the men in Singapore have shown that they too, are interested in the grooming stuff once regarded as the domain of ladies! 


And I must pay tribute to the men in the room as even though they were listening to lady stuff at some point in time, their thoughts were of their other half. One participant proclaimed he knew his wife was of a romantic personality because she loved details in the clothes.

That is the beauty of what my grooming workshops is all about. Besides discovering more about your strengths and how to capitalise on them, you also learn how to hide your flaws. More importantly, the knowledge taught is yours to keep and share with your loved ones. In short, you don't have to be a super high IQ person to understand and appreciate my lessons :)



As with all customised workshops, today's grooming workshop too is a special one as it's targeted at singles. From the looks of the eight participants from Ministry of Education (MOE), Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and Ministry of Defence (MINDEF); it was evident they took precious time off on a Saturday morning to embark on a fun-filled, self-discovery journey.

If you ask me why some of us are still single, it's not because we are too busy forging ahead in our careers nor still searching for the right partner. Rather, much of the reason has to boil down to the fact that we lack certain ingredients to make us more appealing in the eyes of the opposite sex. But don't worry, this certainly is no cause for worry as I'm here to help.

Even with only one male participant in the group, the atmosphere was not marred by the gender imbalance. Instead, we had a very good exchange of both gender viewpoints. Constant laughter permeated the cosy surroundings.

I felt what particularly excited the participants was the new knowledge all were equipped with after completing their self-discovery journey. After all, we cannot deny the fact that we are all too busy working to even take some time off to understand ourselves better. But more often than not, wanting to up our image quotient begins with us. We are our best friend.


Anybody who has read my life story would know I once used to be an ugly duckling too. Worse, I was a sickly, stick-thin hermit suffering from low self-esteem. But through perseverance, hard work and determination, I've overcome my awkwardness and completed my personal transformation.

Now I feel blessed to be able to be the wizard in the lives of the people who have attended or will be attending my grooming workshops :)

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