Is anyone not familiar with the big, red zits that appear to pop out of nowhere on your face? I guess not!

No prizes for guessing what they are...Yes, they are called pimples or acne.

In medical terms, pimples are formed when the pores on the skin becomes clogged or infected. This usually happens when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. 

Different people have different theories on how pimples are formed. According to some, pimples appear because they eat too much fried food or foods that are 'heaty' (think chocolates). The pimples are an indication that the body's yin-yang balance is not maintained. Yet, to others, pimples form because of stress from studies or work or relationships. Whatever the reason for the cause of your pimple, there's always a cure for them. If your pimples are not serious enough to cause you sleepless nights or a jaw-dropping response because of your pock-marked face, then forget about expensive laser treatments. Instead, stick with the tried and tested pimple cream.

As an image consultant who advises others on skincare issues, I made it a point to research some of the popular pimple cream brands in the market. Some brands are terribly effective as they are not only drying for the skin but also causes it to flake. Others cause allergies because they contain ingredients that are caustic. And yet others only temporarily cause the pimples to subside and not exterminate them completely. All three scenarios are definitely not something we want.

I always believe a good pimple cream must serve four basic aims.
First, it must kill the pimple.
Second, it must not leave any scarring on the skin.
Third, it must not cause the skin to become thinner.
Fourth, should another pimple occur, it must not pop up in the same position as the old pimple. Simply put, an good and effective pimple must kill the 'virus' in the dermis level and allow us to get back our baby smooth skin again.

To be honest, I don't but a pimple cream because of the brand. Rather, I look at the ingredients inside and the efficacy. One of the most important ingredients inside any pimple cream is salicylic acid as that's the active ingredient that combats acne.
Otherwise, with the emphasis in recent years on au naturale products, turning to botany and its healing prowess was the way to proceed. There are alternative brands out there that are formulated by dermatologists.
Remember, if you have a pimple or whitehead problem, it's time you take action to treat them before they become more serious. Very often, it's the calm before the storm. And besides, our face is the first image we give others as there's no way we can establish rapport by bending our heads down and averting eye contact.

We all deserve to face the future with confidence. And perhaps it shall all start with a good and effective pimple cream.

Hate it as much as we like, we cannot but admit we have sugar cravings from time to time. This is especially so when the energy level is low and the body needs something sweet to get it moving again.

Yes, what you are experiencing is a sugar craving. Welcome! This is not something to be embarrassed about. Instead, you will be glad you stumbled upon my blog as I'm going to share with you something so exciting yet simple that you can do to combat the sugar craving.

If you have sugar cravings, think of the possible sources. Is it a result of seeing candy, ice cream or other treats from the recently ended Halloween, or perhaps you are simply craving desserts at every meal? 

Lo and behold - one of the simplest and most effective ways to control sugar cravings is to simply brush your teeth!

What? It's as simple as that, Lionel?

Yes, to be honest, this is a trick used by many (me included) at the end of a meal to signal the fact that you are now to stop eating and focus on something else. 
Brushing your teeth will help to refresh your mouth and take away the desire to have something sweeter. I simply love the smell of fresh breath and sparkling clean teeth.  

Come on, give it a try. The next time that you have a craving for something sweet, simply brush your teeth first and then see if you still have craving for it.

What happens if you don't happen to have a toothbrush around you? Do not worry as an alternative to brushing your teeth is using one of those breath freshening strips or swishing your mouth with some mouthwash. 
Both can be equally successful in putting the brakes on your cravings for something sweet. 

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